Lander’s Breadboard: Serving up subs for 31 years

Bob Born has operated Lander's Breadboard restaurant going on 31 years.

One of Lander’s favorite dining spots is cruising in on its 31st anniversary and it’s still going strong.

A submarine sandwich and soup spot, the Breadboard at 1350 West Main Street first opened on the site now occupied by the Maverik Store on Lander’s east side. The restaurant is now across town in a building old timers will remember as the A&W Drive In.

The restaurant’s railroad theme comes from the first Breadboard, which opened in Riverton inside the former Chicago and Northwestern Railway depot. Coincidentally, when Lander’s Breadboard opened a few years later, it was located just across the Popo Agie River from the C&NW tracks in a building that formerly served as a railroad freight office. So even though the business has now moved to the west end of Lander, all menu items retain their “railroad” themes.

Breadboard owner Bob Born undertook some significant remodeling this year, most of it behind the scenes in the restaurants’ kitchen where an uneven floor, the result of other past remodeling, was fixed and other facilities upgraded.

What makes the Breadboard a local institution is its support of many local groups and organizations.
“Bob is real community minded,” one employee said this past week, “it’s important to him.” And the food, people come for the sandwiches.

Diners are reminded of the restaurant’s community emphasis every time they go to the self-serve cold drink station. Drink refills are a 25¢ and all proceeds go to a local charity. The most recent benefactor: The Care and Share Food Bank. The Pet Connection and others have also been the recipient of the refill jar and customer’s generosity.

“It’s easy to support the community because they have supported us over all these years,” Bob said last week while enjoying a cup of the Breadboard’s famous “Christmas chili”-a blend of red and green. “It’s something we only serve part of the year, when it’s colder,” he said. “But it’s a local favorite.”

The most popular sandwich at the Breadboard? “It’s actually two sandwiches,” Born said. “The Roundhouse (with roast beef, turkey and salami) and the Piggyback (Canadian bacon and bacon). We sell a lot of those.”

The Breadboard is a family affair. There are four Breadboard restaurants in Wyoming: Riverton, Lander, Cody and Buffalo. “The other three are owned by my brothers,” Bob said. “It’s a family deal.”


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