Ammunition confiscated from traveler’s luggage at Riverton Regional Airport

No harm, No foul. Riverton Police reported a woman boarding a Great Lakes Aviation flight out of Riverton Regional Airport bound for Denver Tuesday accidentally grabbed a wrong bag to place in her carry on luggage. The small purple sack did not contain the jewelry the woman intended to carry, but instead held multiple .357 caliber clips and bullets.

The Transportation Security Administration agents at the airport noticed the ammunition when they scanned the carry on piece, said Riverton Reserve Sgt. Milan Vinich, who is assigned to the airport security detail. “After seeing the image on x-ray they searched the bag and found the illegal contraband.”

“The 67-year-old woman flies out of Riverton to Colorado Springs frequently and she grabbed the wrong bag by accident. There was no harmful intent on her part, so the ammunition was confiscated, and later destroyed, and she was able to board the flight,” Vinich said.

Vinich said some fliers frequently forget they are carrying something they shouldn’t, but it’s not a big problem here. I’m sure she was embarrassed about it.”

The noon flight left without incident.


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  1. First, I love County 10. Thanks. I am assuming this lady had some moon clips for a recolver, or she had some.357 Sig Magazines. Clips and Magazines are completely different. It still makes me upset that the TSA has determined ammo without a gun to be a security risk. They have even determined a bullet without a cartridge case to be a danger! I know first hand because I had one with a hole through it as a key chain and they confinscated it as "dangerous"! Silly

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