Lander Police: Arrests up for public intox, down for DUI and MIP

The Lander Police Department responded to 97 calls in the past week.  Of the 97 calls two involved the use of alcohol, and five arrests were made.Lander Officers also arrested five individuals for outstanding warrants.

 In a review of 2011 data…

According to Chief of Police Fred Cox, during the calendar year 2011 the Lander Police Department has noted a decrease in most criminal offenses with the exception of public intoxication arrests, which increased by 37.8 percent.  The majority of these arrests are with repeat offenders, and they are reported by a citizen complaint 92.5% of the time, he said.

In a positive change, the LPD recorded a decrease in charges for possession of marijuana, which went down by 25 percent.  Chief Cox said this decrease was the primarily the result of deployment of Lander’s new K-9 Officer Kye.

Due to the vigilant efforts of the Lander Police, DUI arrests decreased by 18.24 percent during the past year, Cox said.  As a result of more attention and patrolling spent on DUI enforcement, Cox said more intoxicated citizens are now utilizing other means of transportation such as riding with designated drivers or they are walking home.  “The Lander Police Department is dedicated in the protection of the citizens in the community,” Cox said. “Such actions as continuous DUI patrols unquestionably save innocent lives.” In 2010 the Lander Police Department had 159 DUI arrests compared to 130 this past year.

Chief Cox also reported a large decrease in arrests for minor in possession of alcohol.  There was a 28.22 percent reduction in that category. The decrease is attributed to grants awarded to the Lander Police Department predominantly for the use of locating and deterring minors from using alcohol.  The grant funds officers to conduct compliance checks of local retailers who sell alcohol, to ensure that minors are not able to purchase.