Dubois Council and residents hear presentation on optional 1 percent tax

Riverton Mayor Ron Warpness and Lander Community Resource Coordinator Gary Michaud represented the Fremont County Association of Governments during a Dubois Town Council meeting Wednesday to discuss the optional one percent sales tax. (June Bonasera photo)

By June Bonasera, county10.com

(Dubois, Wyo.) – The Fremont County Association of Governments was represented by Riverton Mayor Ron Warpness and Lander Community Resource Coordinator Gary Michaud in a special meeting which began at 7 p.m. in the Dubois Council chambers. Warpness and Michaud presented information on the “Fix Our Roads: One Cent Sales Tax Proposal” on this year’s November ballot to the 10 audience members, mayor and council members attending the special meeting preceding Wednesday’s regularly scheduled town council meeting. The presentation was essentially the same format as held in Riverton and Lander earlier this month with reference to specific information pertaining to Dubois which included the following:

-The 1 percent optional sales tax would generate approximately $168,000 per year for the four year term of the tax in Dubois.

-The tax would only be used to repair infrastructure including water and sewer lines, and road repairs/improvements.

-These funds would be able to be used as matching funds for grants to support additional road repairs and infrastructure improvements.

-Between 30-46 percent of sales tax in Dubois is paid by the traveling public.

-Only three counties in the state do not have a 1 percent optional sales tax presently, and Fremont County is one of the three.

The special meeting adjourned and the regularly scheduled meeting began at approximately at 7:30 p.m. Brief updates from the mayor, airport, and on water and waste water were given after a presentation by State Sen. Eli Bebout, R-Riverton.

Bebout updated the mayor and town council members on issues, policies and legislation he is pursuing to assist cities, towns and counties as State Senator and co-chair of the Minerals Committee. The presentation covered topics presented in Riverton on Oct. 6 including Wyoming contractor preference for state funded projects, landfill issues, natural resource use and public land issues, and an overview of natural gas and coal pricing and production in Wyoming.

Action items approved at the meeting included:

-Authorization for Mayor Blakeman to sign an agreement between WYDOT and the Town of Dubois to specify the work and payment requirements for the installation of an AWOS data collection system at the Dubois Municipal Airport.

-Approval of a temporary catering permit and open container permit for the Rustic Pine Tavern to cater the Women’s Expo to be held at Headwaters Community Center in November.

– Approval to authorize Mayor Blakeman to sign a contract with Granite Creed Valuation for appraisal of the Sedlacek property as part of land acquisition for the Dubois Municipal Airport.

-Approval of payment to HDR/Stetson Engineering and ERI, Inc.for the following items:

•   Payment Application 22 ($150.00) and Payment Application 16 ($5,883.80) from HDR/Stetson Engineering for Dubois Water Supply Project.

•  Payment Application 16 ($4,433.75) from HDR/Stetson Engineering for Boedeker Street Stabilization Project.

•  Payment Application 1 ($12,681.90) from ERI, Inc. for Boedeker Street Stabilization Project.

-Approval of September 2012 Financial Report.

-Approval of accounts payable list dated Oct. 5, 2012.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m. An executive session was held after to discuss personnel issues.