County’s sugar beet harvest began Tuesday at Midvale

Beets from Richard Klein’s farm are added to the growing pile of sugar beets at the Midvale Receiving Station early today. (Ernie Over photo)

By Ernie Over, managing editor,

(Midvale, Wyo.) – The first truckload of sugar beets from Fremont County growers rumbled across the scales at the Midvale Receiving Station of the Wyoming Sugar Company this morning shortly after 6 a.m. Two hours later, two piles of sugar beets began growing from the two piling machines on site and a regular stream of trucks began arriving at the site filled to the brim with sugar beets.

Last season Fremont County’s growers produced sugar beets that yielded  23 ton per acre with a sugar content of 18 percent, tops in the region. Last year there were 1,600 acres of sugar beets harvested in the county.

Sugar beets from Fremont County are trucked to a grower-owned refinery in Worland where they are processed into sugar, beet pulp for animal feed and molasses. The harvest this fall is expected to last, weather permitting, another three weeks.

Scalemaster Barb Gitchell weighed and checked in a truck from Richard Klein’s farm at the Wyoming Sugar Company Midvale Receiving station. (Ernie Over photo)

A truck unloads sugar beets into the piler at the Midvale Receiving Station Wednesday morning. Ed Schloredt, pictured in white hard hat at right, takes a sample of the sugar beets for sugar content analysis. (Ernie Over photo)

As the beets move through the piler, they are cleaned with dirt and roughage removed and deposited back into the haul truck for delivery back to the field. (Ernie Over photo)

A truck load of sugar beets from the Weliever Farms approaches the scales Wednesday morning. (Ernie Over photo)