PALS brings programs to Lander students in the form of poetry and dance

Lander kindergarteners ended a performance of the Dancing ABC’s with a free-for-all on Friday afternoon. (Joshua Scheer photo)

By Joshua Scheer, reporter,

(Lander, Wyo.) – Promoting Arts in Lander Schools sponsored a couple different programs in Fremont County School District 1 this last week. On Friday, the events culminated in performances that were attended by family members.

Sixth-graders at Lander Middle School worked with Jackson poet Matt Daly. Daly had the students stand in front of their classes and read a poem they wrote, and they were required to give positive feedback to the reader after them.

Kindergarteners at North Elementary School performed for their families the Dancing ABC’s. The program, which focuses on gross motor-skills, was conducted by Dancer’s Workshop of Jackson.

Sixth-grader Ella Burns read one of her poems to her class on Friday morning. (Joshua Scheer photo)

Poet Matt Daly spoke to a class of sixth-graders Friday morning. (Joshua Scheer photo)

More of a Dancing ABC’s performance. (Joshua Scheer photo)