Street lighting improvement for Dubois Youth Activities discussed at Dubois Town Council meeting on Wednesday

Megan O’Brien and Janet Glaeser of Dubois Youth Activities, Inc. proposing street lighting improvements at Wednesday’s town council mtg. (June Bonasera photo)

By June Bonasera,

(Dubois, Wyo.) – Three Dubois community members and two members of the press were in attendance at the regularly scheduled Dubois Town Council meeting held Wednesday November 14th.

Of note was a presentation and request for funding by the Town of Dubois by Dubois Youth Activities, Inc. (DYA) board member Janet Glaeser and employee Megan O’Brien to improve street lighting at the DYA facility. Glaeser noted a deficiency in street lighting that was creating a safety concern, especially in daylight savings time, for the high school after school program attendees and DYA employees. As a solution, an estimate was prepared and presented to add a new street light at the front of the building with a total cost of $1,205. O’Brien stated that High Plains Power agreed to donate $542 in labor with a balance of $663 requested to be funded by the Town. A motion was made and approved to fund the $663 balance. A request for an additional light fixture to remedy a lighting deficiency in the back of the building was also made, and the Mayor and council members moved to find where in the town budget funding might be found, and make a decision at the next regularly scheduled town council meeting.

Action items on the agenda approved included:

-Approval of Resolution 12-011 –A Resolution setting a base amount of residential equivalent fees billed and allowing fluctuation in the number of units billed above two units.

-Approval to authorize Mayor Blakeman to sign a contract for the work with 71 Construction. On October 25, 2012 a bid was received in an amount substantially less. In the best interest of the Town of Dubois, consider authorizing Mayor Blakeman to sign a contract with Bales Enterprises in the amount of $8,995.00.

-Approval of Change Order 3 to 71 Construction for providing and installing new SCADA equipment to the new tank in the amount of $19,250.00.

-Approval of payment application 17 ($5,776.55) from HDR/Stetson Engineering for Dubois Water Supply Project.

-Approval of payment application 17 ($7,151.60) from HDR/Stetson Engineering for Boedeker Street Stabilization Project.

-Approval of payment application 2 ($88,380.00) from ERI, Inc. for Boedeker Street Stabilization Project

-Approval authorizing up to 5 town employees to view a WAM webinar on Council roles and responsibilities at a cost of $75.00 on December 6 or December 7, 2012.

-Approval of Temporary Catering Permit – Rustic Pine Tavern – DTE Employee Retirement Party at Dennison Lodge, December 8, 2012 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

-Approval of Accounts Payable list dated November 9, 2012.

-Approval to accept October 2012 Financial Report as read.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.