County election results made official; Goggles’s lead over Allen extends in the only major numbers change

Fremont County Canvas Board (facing, from left) Sally Rowe, Julie Freese and John Birbari met Thursday afternoon with elections office officials and finalized the numbers from Tuesday’s general election. (Joshua Scheer photo)

By Joshua Scheer, reporter,

(Lander, Wyo.) – The Fremont County Canvas Board met Thursday afternoon and has made the results of local races in Tuesday’s general election official. After careful review of every precinct, no major adjustments to results were made and no race outcomes changed.

County Clerk Julie Freese began the meeting at the Fremont County Courthouse by explaining the method by which ballots are counted. Memory cards with the counts from the machines are sent by courier from the polling places back to the courthouse where the results are accumulated. In about eight of the out-lying precincts, results are phoned in. Freese said results are not sent via the Internet any longer. The computer used to tally the totals is not connected to the Internet so it cannot be compromised.

The biggest change in results from unofficial to official is an additional boost to Democrat Patrick Goggles’s win over Republican Jim Allen for House District 33.

“We took results over the phone for 8-1 Arapahoe,” Freese reported. “We wrote down 183 for W. Patrick Goggles. The actual count for Mr. Goggles should have been 283.”

So, what was a lead over Allen by only 26 votes is now a final lead of 126. Goggles ultimately earned 1,573 votes.

Due to a phone reporting error for the Jeffrey City precinct, House District 34 incumbent Rita Campbell earned an additional 50 votes. She was unopposed. Her total was 3,797.

In Pavillion, three ballots were given out that did not have town council races, which they should have. Freese said the error did not effect outcomes of any races.

A Lander 1-5 an absentee ballot was found Wednesday after having been received on election day. Freese said it was later added to the count.

In Big Bend 18-1-0, a voter received a ballot without the Fremont County Commissioner District 2 race on it. That race was uncontested, with Larry Allen winning, and final results were not effected. The same race was affected in Shoshoni due to a computer input error. Allen lost two votes there.

One extra absentee ballot in Milford was counted. In Valley, a phone-in error resulted in four votes too many for Constitutional Amendment B.

Six absentee ballots were rejected, four for not being signed and two for not including proper identification. One ballot was initially rejected for lack of identification but was counted during the canvas board meeting after it was decided ID was not needed.

In the Jeffrey City Fire District four-year term two individuals could be elected, though only one was on the ballot. Robert Wiley earned 76 votes (82 %). Freese said Thadius Dockery received 14 write-in votes, giving him the second seat.

State races results will be made official by the State Canvas Board.

Final numbers for all races in Fremont County will be published as soon as totals are received from the county.