Ryan Hanway pleas guilty to conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery

By Joshua Scheer, reporter, county10.com

(Lander, Wyo.) – A man pled guilty Friday in Fremont County District Court to a conspiracy charge in connection with the November 2011 double homicide in Hudson. Ryan Hanway pled guilty to conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery as part of a plea agreement.

In exchange for pleading guilty, should Ninth District Court Judge Norman E. Young accept the plea, he would have two counts of conspiracy to commit murder dismissed and would be eligible for a maximum sentence between 10 and 20 years in prison. The plea agreement was filed Oct. 25.

“Your attorneys would be free to argue for a lesser sentence,” Young said.

He added that he would not ask Hanway to pay a fine of up to $10,000 related to the charge.

The charges stem from the deaths of Eric Likes and Elva Quiver, who were stabbed to death in their Hudson trailer home almost a year ago. Two days after their murder, the trailer was burned to the ground. Also charged in the deaths are Laziur Hanway Jr., Joseph Jude Jenkins, Samantha Hanway and Jude Blackburn. The murders allegedly took place in the perpetration of a robbery.

Prior to the plea agreement, Hanway was scheduled for trial for Nov. 13.

Hanway was flanked by his public defenders, with whom he consulted throughout the hearing Friday afternoon in Fremont County’s Ninth District Court. Hanway was soft-spoken, and Young had to ask him multiple times to raise his voice and speak into the microphone.

When Young asked if Hanway wished for his rights to be read to him again, Hanway consulted with his attorneys and did not answer. Young read them.

After pleading guilty, Hanway was required to give a factual account of the actions that surrounded the charge he plead guilty to.

He said he is 23, completed high school and was unemployed at the time of his arrest. He had previously worked construction.

“I take full responsibility,” Hanway said, beginning his testimony.

He said he did not know Likes or Quiver.

“I regret everything happened so quickly,” he added.

He said he knew Jenkins and Samantha Hanway needed rent, and a few of them cased the house some time before the night of the robbery and murder. He said he planned on providing his own gun for the robbery. Ryan Hanway said he was thankful he didn’t return with the rest of them on Nov. 15, 2012, the night of the murders.

“The reason I didn’t go back was it got really serious and I didn’t want to be a part of it,” Ryan Hanway said.

Fremont County Deputy Attorney Patrick LeBrun said he was satisfied with the testimony, and Young said he, too, accepted the factual basis.

A pre-sentencing investigation was ordered. The sentencing date has not yet been set.

Hanway remains incarcerated and bond has been continued.