Plan One Architects unveil conceptual designs of the Community Center to the Lander City Council

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 12.46.27 PMBy Nick Robinson, intern, 

(Lander, Wyo) – During a special city council meeting Tuesday night, Garret Chadwick of Plan One Architects revealed conceptual designs for a new Lander Community Center. The proposed building of 18,155 square feet has a goal date of the summer of 2014. The architects, along with a Steering Committee, want the building’s features to include a pitched roof, to utilize natural light, and to reduce unwanted solar glare.

A key aspect of the building is what was termed necessary low maintenance. The immediate budget allocates $1.3-million for the project with a goal of up to $5-million. Mayor Mick Wolfe said he wants a building that will be there for future generations of Lander but not weigh and slow them down. A big aspect is keeping yearly costs low.

Numerous designs were conceptualized but one factor transcended each, a large convention hall, just like the old community center that was destroyed by fire last summer on June, 28. With a large convention hall, keeping the “Wyoming-heritage” style of architecture was favored, along with staying within budget and making and keeping realistic goals.

A payment of $95,935 to Patrick Construction of Lander was approved for utility work already completed for the new Blue Ridge Apartments on south highway 287. (Ernie Over photo)

Steering Committee member Stephanie Harris said working on the Steering Committee (the committee that focused on goals of the project and how to meet those goals) was a delight and the atmosphere was free and open to give opinions. Overall, she said it was a very professional experience.

Other than the unveiling of the new community center concepts, the council approved several proposals and documents during the special  meeting. The mayor was given approval to sign the Lander Volunteer Fire-Department by-laws and the Lander Police Department received approval to work with The Journey, LLC, a Riverton-based counseling firm. This agreement would provide professional licensed counseling for traumatized employees. Patrick Construction’s pay request of $95,935.95 was also approved for utility work at the new Blue Ridge Apartments on south highway 287. Approved was the transfer of a 2008 Ford pickup from the Water Department to the Parks and Recreation department. Finally, Amy Halsey was appointed to the Parks and Recreation Commission.