AQD installs mobile monitoring station in Converse County

DEQ(Converse County, Wyo.) – Beginning Dec. 17, 2012, Wyoming’s Department of Environmental Quality ? Air Quality Division (AQD) will begin operation of an Air Quality Mobile Monitoring Station in Converse County.

The Mobile Monitoring Station, located four miles east of Douglas on Antelope Road, will monitor rural residential areas that are intermingled with oil and gas development in the county.  This monitoring station is part of the Air Quality Division’s commitment to monitor ambient air quality throughout Wyoming.  The Mobile Monitoring Station was established to assess ambient air quality in the area and will remain at the site for at least one year.

The following pollutants and meteorological parameters will be monitored by the Mobile Monitoring Station: ozone, oxides of nitrogen, particulate matter, methane/non?methane hydrocarbons, temperature, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, relative humidity, and solar radiation.  The station will also include scene monitoring for possible use in visibility studies.

The AQD operates monitoring stations throughout the State of Wyoming including three Mobile Monitoring Stations. Real?time monitored data, including
meteorological data, can be found at