City Council Approves Counseling Services For Lander Police Department

By Nick Robinson, intern,

(Lander, Wyo) – On Dec. 18 the Lander City Council approved a contract between Lander Police Department and counseling and mental health provider The Journey LLC of Riverton. The contract is essentially the same as the one LPD had with their former provider.

Lander Police Chief Jim Carey said the main goal of the services is to protect employees. It benefits the individual by getting them healthy and back on the job, Carey said. The Journey is closer than their former Cheyenne provider, thus saving money in the long run, Carey said. Services include but are not limited to: non-emergency mental health and substance abuse counseling services for employees of LPD, mental health consultation to LPD management and emergency trauma resolution services according to the contract.

The Journey utilizes horses in their therapy. According to The Journey’s website, equine guided therapy requires participants to be actively engaged both mentally and physically. According to the website, participants should expect to interact with horses during a session; this will allow the participant to see their own patterns of behavior and communication. As for using the horses, Carey said he will leave it in the hands of the professionals and go by their discretion.

A reason for the switch is due to the Cheyenne provider retiring. Carey said that no certain event spurred the change, but it was preemptive and he sees LPD using this service sometime in the future.