Police Botter: Arrests; Stabbing in Riverton; Investigation into woman’s death continuing; Suspicious house fire in Lander

(Lander, Wyo.) Tuesday’s law enforcement wrap up from across Fremont County

Fremont County Sheriff’s Deparatment

Further investigation is still pending regarding the death of a woman found dead at the Rezeride Roadhouse Bar parking lot early Monday morning just west of Kinnear, according to Fremont County Coroner Ed McAuslan and Fremont County Sheriff’s Department Captain Ryan Lee. McAuslan said the yet unidentified woman’s body is being autopsied today at noon in Loveland, Colo. “We think we know who it is, but until the autopsy is complete, we won’t have a positive ID,” he said this morning.

Lee said he was anticipating an arrest in the case soon. “I am confident an arrest is forthcoming, more information may be available after the person is in the State’s custody.”

The woman was apparently struck and killed by a vehicle. A full report on the incident has not yet been made public. The incident occurred in the early morning hours Monday.


Fremont County Sheriff’s Captain Ryan Lee said today that 27-year old-Lawrence Slowbear of Riverton was arrested for Aggravated Assault early Tuesday morning around 3:00 a.m. at a residence in the 900 block of East Monroe in Riverton.

Slowbear is accused of throwing a butcher knife at a 29-year-old  female companion. The knife struck the woman in the upper thigh. Lee said the victim was transported to Riverton Memorial Hospital for what was deemed a non-life threatening injury.

Details surrounding the circumstances of the assault are still under investigation as of this morning. The Riverton Police Department assisted with the call.

Upon his arrival at the Fremont County Detention Center in Lander, Slowbear also was served an active arrest warrant for a Lander Municipal charge.

Caren Rector, 40, Riverton, arrested for  Simple Assault

Kevin Hecht, 49, Riverton, arrested for Simple Assault

The Fremont County Detention Center currently has 173 inmates it is responsible for. Of these, 162 are being held in the Fremont County Detention Center, eight are in substance abuse treatment programs throughout the state and out of the facility, one is on home detention out of the facility, and two inmates are being housed out ofthe facility.


Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the scene of a cow versus vehicle crash early today at 6:41 a.m. on the Lysite and Moneta Road. The cow was killed, the driver was not injured.

An incident of vandalism was reported at 8:52 p.m. outside the Morton-Kinnear Fire Hall where the vehicle of one firefighter attending a meeting inside had two of its tires slashed.

Riverton Police Department


Willis St. Clair, 36, Fort Washakie, arrested for Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol. St. Clair’s Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) was .12 peercent.

Stephanie Behan, 28, Riverton, arrested for Domestic Violence Assault. A police report said Behan was upset that her husband, who is a shift worker and sleeps during the day, was not helping her during the day. The couple began arguing and Behan began punching her husband in the shoulder. He moved off down the hall so as not to disturb their children when she took a shoe and started hitting him in the back and head. Then she picked up a broom and began hitting him again. Finally, he called police after she assaulted him with a frying pan.

Edward Brown, 53, Riverton, arrested for Public Intoxication

Theresa Zapata, 30, Riverton, arrested on two Failure to Appear warrants.


Rachel Barrios, 23, Riverton, was cited for Shoplifting for attempting to leave Walmart without paying for $39 worth of cosmetics.

Nicole Aragon, 26, Riverton, was cited for Trespass after she tried to reenter the Walmart store on North Federal after previously being cited for Shoplifting there.

Of special note:

Riverton once again has an animal control officer, albeit part time. RPD Patrol officer Sarah Lowe is now handling the department’s animal calls. Captain Eric Murphy said Lowe would also be part time on patrol, except for emergency calls since her animal control vehicle does not have lights or a siren. The Animal Control officer’s position was vacated when Amy Luton was elevated to a full time patrol position.


A city well house at 800 East Main Street was vandalized with graffiti sometime overnight.

A shopper at Walmart reported her black wallet with silver buckles was taken from her vehicle while she was shopping. The police report did not indicate if the vehicle had been left unlocked.

While on patrol, Animal Control Officer Sarah Lowe noticed a group of three men in the 900 block of West Jackson Street passing an open bottle of liquor between them. While the three did not pay any attention to the animal control vehicle, Lowe did get their attention when she emerged from the truck in the capacity of a patrol officer. The three were not intoxicated, but the contents of their nearly full bottle of whiskey was disposed of and the three were told to move along.

Police were called to the 100 block of Valley Circle where a Nativity scene had been torn out of the ground and a wreath torn off of a door. There are no suspects.

A theft from a vehicle was reported at 3:04 p.m. from an address in the 600 block of North Broadway. The caller reported that medical prescriptions, paperwork and tools were missing from a creme and gold colored Aurora sedan. The police report did not indicate if the vehicle had been left unlocked.

A caller to police reported a woman in a maroon colored passenger car had just “put something up her nose and began shaking” at 3:27 p.m. in the Kmart parking lot. Police were unable to locate the woman upon their arrival at the scene.

A man who was reported to be passed out on the bicycle and walking path near First and Main Streets was taken to the Fremont County Alcohol Crisis Center.

A woman who had taken prescription medicine and then went to a bar “and slammed down three drinks” began having medical problems. She was taken for treatment at Riverton Memorial Hospital at one minute past 11 p.m.

Lander Police Department


Lawrence Slowbear, 27, Riverton, was served with an LPD warrant at the Fremont County Detention Center.


Lander Police are involved in the investigation into a “fire of suspicious origin” according to Police Chief Jim Carey. Carey said police were notified at 37 minutes past 11 p.m. of a call that was listed as “threatening” on the dispatch log that he said was apparently connected to the fire at 5 a.m. at 1440 Goodrich Drive. See the separate story on the fire for additional details.

Police were called at 6:52 a.m today to the 600 block of North 9th Street for a red road bicycle that was reported to have been stolen from the residence.

Police were investigating a vehicle driving in the 900 block of Buena Vista without it lights just before 5 a.m. and that had apparently stopped and deposited some trash in a dumpster not belonging to them. As the traffic stop was made, the LPD received a report of the house fire on Goodrich Drive and the officer proceeded to the scene of the fire. The alleged trash dumper was not cited.

A 28-year-old woman was discovered passed out in a rest room at The  Forge at Second and Main Streets at 10:06 p.m. The woman was able to find a ride home and was not cited for intoxication.

Police were called to the area around 300 Cascade street at 7 p.m. after a caller reported what to them sounded like a couple of rapid fire gunshots. Police were unable to locate the source of the loud noises.

A 16-year-old boy at Lander Valley High school was causing a disturbance Monday at 2:26 p.m., but had calmed down by the time police arrived.

A caller notified police at 11:43 a.m. of a strong smell of marijuana smoke coming from the vicinity of the 1100 block of north Second Street. Police were unable to detect the odor when they arrived on scene.