‘Inside the Teepee’ opens Saturday at Lander’s Fremont County Pioneer Museum

A new exhibit, Inside the Teepee, opens Saturday at Lander's Pioneer Museum

(Lander) – A new exhibit “Inside the Teepee” opens March 17that the Fremont County Pioneer Museum.  The teepee is where tribe members ate, slept, worshipped, and socialized with other tribe members.  The fire and cook pot were centered in the middle of the teepee so the smoke would go up thru the top.  Buffalo hide blankets for bedding, decorated leather parfleche bags to hold belongings, fuel for the fire, and the food were all stored on the ground. The backrests/chairs were placed around the fire.

In the winter an additional skin lining was added inside to provide extra insulation.   From this were hung bows, arrows, shields and other needed objects. This lining was often painted with colored designs that recalled past events in the lives of those who owned this teepee.

The teepee provided secure, comfortable, and portable housing for the Shoshones, Arapahos, and most of the Plains Indians.

The staff of the Pioneer Museum has created a new exhibit that depicts the living quarters of Shoshones and Arapahos bringing together many artifacts from various collections.

We look forward to your visit.   Admission is always free.  The Fremont County Pioneer Museum, 1443 Main Street. Contact:  Carol Thiesse, Director 307-332-3373 www.fcpm.org Winter hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

— Fremont County Pioneer Museum, Wyoming’s Wind River Country