National Day of the Cowboy is now a permanent statewide celebration; celebrated in Dubois since 2009

Nationally acclaimed equine performer and stunt rider Tommie Turvey at the 2011 Dubois National Day of the Cowboy celebration.

(Casper) – Governor Matt Mead signed a resolution into law on Tuesday in Casper to officially designate the 4th Saturday in July ‘The Wyoming Day of the Cowboy’ and to encourage communities throughout Wyoming to observe the day with “appropriate ceremonies and activities”. The legislation also included support for the day to be observed as the National Day of the Cowboy by Congress. The resolution was sponsored by Representative Tom Lockhart from Casper.


The mission of the National Day of the Cowboy organization is to preserve America’s cowboy heritage and to share and perpetuate that heritage through education, the arts, celebrations, gatherings, rodeos, and community activities. Dubois Main Street has celebrated the day since 2009, building the Dubois National Day of the Cowboy into a three day event including a cowboy parade, cowboy day rodeo, ranch horse versatility clinic, theatrical shoot-out, and western concerts. In 2011, Dubois Main Street was awarded one of eight Cowboy Keeper Awards, by the NDOC organization with presentation of the award by its director Bethany Braley, and words of support from Susan Thomas, Representative Keith Gingery and Senator Leland Christensen. According to Rep. Gingery, “Last year at the Day of the Cowboy in Dubois, Senator Thomas’ widow told Senator Christensen and I that Wyoming should designate the National Day of the Cowboy for Wyoming”.


Signing the resolution: Rep. Tom Lockhart Casper, left, Gov. Matt Mead, Senate President Jim Anderson of Converse County.

Although many states have officially recognized the Cowboy Resolution since Arizona first passed it in 2008, Wyoming has become the first state to pass the National Day of the Cowboy resolution in perpetuity.


Bethany Braley stated, “Susan Thomas has provided the perfect turning point for the National Day of the Cowboy quest, which is that the ‘Cowboy State’ of Wyoming, where she and Senator Thomas are from, and where the resolution originated in 2005, should be the first legislative body to declare their conviction forever protecting our cowboy culture and preserving this significant piece of heritage”. Braley continued, “The passage of this resolution recognizes WY Senator Craig Thomas as the first champion of the resolution. It also honors the many dedicated individuals and organizations in this country and other countries who continue to volunteer their time and talents to ensure this tradition is not lost to the world”.


“It is my hope that this commitment by the Wyoming State Legislature will be the pivotal action for the entire effort, so that other states, other countries, and the United States Senate Judiciary Committee will also officially recognize the fourth Saturday in July as a day for the world to celebrate and share this precious heritage in perpetuity” Braley added.


The late U.S. Senator Craig Thomas riding in Cheyenne Frontier Days parade.

As the National Day of the Cowboy resolution states, the love of the cowboy is out there, everywhere; “It transcends gender, generations, geographic boundaries, political affiliations and ethnicity.” Once again, Wyoming has pioneered an historic trail.


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Dubois Main Street director June Bonasera and National Day of the Cowboy director Bethany Braley with a 2011 'Cowboy Keeper Award' honoring Dubois Main Street for preservation of western heritage.











CM Ranch's entry in the Cowboy Parade, one of the annual activities at the Dubois National Day of the Cowboy celebration.












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