3rd Graders Learn About Agriculture at Expo Friday Morning

By Victoria Fregoso, Lead Reporter at County10.com

(Riverton) – Fremont County third graders took over the Central Wyoming College Equine Center for a day to learn about agriculture during the annual ag expo. “We host different sessions, so that way they get to rotate around, get to feel for all of the different things from the sheep, the cows, the pigs, the horses and then part of the agriculture, about the farm life, about the environment, the soil and all that it comes into in our lives,” said Teffany Fegler with the Shoshonin Lysite Cow-Belles.

Nearly 250 students will visit the 12 different stations and learn about things they normally wouldn’t learn in the classroom. Fegler says very few kids are exposed to agriculture, “I would say five to ten percent have any kind of agriculture based background and that’s getting fewer and fewer now. The average age of a farmer is 57 and one farmer feeds 200 plus people for the country and so we’re finding that very very few youngsters in the schools have the experience of actually living out of town in the agriculture based environment.”

With the help from the Cattle Women of Fremont County, FFA students and guest speakers, this ag expo has been a tradition for more than 20 years. Some of the students that are speaking here today went to this expo when they were third graders and get to pass on the knowledge. “It’s so interesting to see the little light bulb come on and be like, “oh, that makes sense,” said Jessica Pingetzer, a high school senior from Shoshoni.

Jessica brought in her steers and is teaching students about the everyday products that come from cattle. “A lot of people don’t realize that farmers and ranchers is what produces the stuff that comes from the grocery store. They think that their food just comes from the grocery store instead of from the farm and that’s really important,” she said.