Police Blotter; Weekend arrests across Fremont County

Riverton Police Department

Nine arrests were reported over the weekend by the RPD, including one person charged with assault on a police officer for allegedly spitting in the officers face. Other charges lodged against Otto Oldman, 34, Ethete, were public intoxication and interfering with a Police officer. Other arrests were: Fredrick Sherman, 31, Riverton, public intoxication; Doug Bigmedicine, 34, St. Stephen’s, municipal warrant and indecent exposure; Randy Mckenzie, 40, Riverton, driving while under the influence; Nellie Sittingeagle, 27, Riverton, municipal warrant; Marissa Brown, 18, St. Stephens, minor under the influence of alcohol and breach of the peace; John Chavez, 29, Riverton, public intoxication; Eldon Antelope, 47, Riverton, public intoxication.

Fremont County Sheriff

Five arrests were logged over the weekend by Fremont County Sheriff’s Department according to Captain Ryan Lee. They are: Kelly Baker, 26, Lander, contempt of court; Claude Duran, 25, Arapahoe, failure to appear; Pauline Oldman, 33, Lander, contempt of court; Tylor Rogers, 21, Riverton, warrant arrest for larceny; and Jesse Walthers, 23, Riverton, warrant arrest for larceny.

Lander Police Department

Numerous arrests were logged by the LPD over the weekend, many on alcohol offenses, including: Lucas Sanchez, 31, Riverton, public intoxication; Eric Curtain, 36, Lander, driving while under the influence; James Hunter, 29, Lander, assault and battery; Travis Balderston, 34, Lander, three failure to appear warrants and one Fremont County warrant; 15-year-old juvenile male of Lander for minor under the influence and minor in possession of alcohol; Wayon Lajeunesse, 41, Fort Washakie, probation revocation; Joseph Boulette, 57, Lander, selling alcohol to a minor; Zachary Kennedy, 22, Lander, selling alcohol to a minor; Nicholas Hornecker, 24, Lander, selling alcohol to a minor; and Claude Duran, 25, Arapahoe, on two failure to appear warrants.