LVHS Interact Club’s new recycling program raising awareness

John Schmidt, manager of Encana Oil and Gas USA's Riverton area office presented the recycling trailer to students at Lander Valley High School this spring. The Interact Club and Student Council are promoting the sustainable recycling program.

(Lander) – With the recent addition of a new recycling trailer, students at Lander Valley High School have become more aware of the benefits of recycling and have learned to make more sustainable choices.

The $16,464, 10 cubic yard trailer, purchased through a grant received by Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc., has helped the high school’s Interact Club start a sustainable recycling program.

“From water, to pop, to energy drinks, we noticed how many students bought plastic bottled drinks,” said Caitlin Brown, Interact Club recycling manager. “Before Encana purchased the trailer, our school only recycled paper and cardboard. We knew that had to change.”

Encana USA’s donation purchased a dual-wheel trailer that contains eight bin compartments for recyclable materials and a sliding door and wooden container for cardboard. The Interact Club selected the trailer, which can easily be pulled behind a standard truck.

“Recycling improves our environment and conserves our natural resources. We are proud of the students at Lander Valley High for taking the initiative to educate others to go green and protect our environment in such a positive way,” said Randy Teeuwen, Encana USA community relations advisor.

According to Brown, the primary goal of the recycling program is to increase the amount of recycled materials at the school, and help fellow students realize the importance of recycling.

“We hope the program will help minimize waste and increase the amount of materials that are recycled and can be reused,” said Brown.

Twelve recycling bins, purchased by Lander Valley High School and decorated by the Art Club, are located in key common areas throughout the school. The trailer is stationed at the northwest entrance to the school at the end of Tiger Drive.

The Interact Club set its sight to involve the entire student body with program and garnered support from other school clubs to help.

“Each club will take will take turns being responsible for the trailer for one week, and will go around the school to pick-up the bins and empty them into trailer,” Brown explained. “We held a school assembly to explain how the program works, then met with all the club leaders to figure out a schedule.”

The Interact Club has arranged for the Lander Valley High School maintenance crew to pick up the full trailer and haul the recyclables to the landfill on alternate Wednesdays.

Brown hopes the high school’s recycling program will start a chain reaction and encourage the local elementary and middle school to start recycling programs of their own, and also extend into the community.

“These students are amazing and have been working hard to get this program running,” said Sally Webster, Interact Club supervisor. “This program will empower students to address environmental issues in their every day activities. Thank you Encana for helping to increase awareness of environmental issues and encourage small lifestyle changes in our students.”

The LVHS Interact Club is supported by the Rotary Club of Lander.

–LVHS Interact Club