32nd Annual Audubon Wildlife Art Show Opens at Lander Art Center

The Lander Art Center is giving you a chance to see Wyoming Wildlife in a different way. “We’re opening the 32nd Annual Audubon Wildlife Art Show, it’s being sponsored by the Red Desert Audubon Society and May Raynolds has sort of been the driving force behind this show,” said Dannine Donaho, Executive Director of the Lander Art Center.

This year’s art show brought in nearly 60 entries from 25 different artists. “I think all the artists here are from Wyoming,” she said. “We had artwork in the past from artists in Denver and Colorado Springs, but I think everyone in is from Wyoming this year.”

Categories in the art show are painting, drawing and other. Painting includes watercolor, acrylic and oil. Drawing includes pastel and pencil while the other category covers collage, ceramic and sculpture. “All of the artwork in this show consists of work depicting Wyoming Wildlife flora and fauna,” she said.

"Blue Heron" by Christoper Bookout won Best of Show

Every year, new judges are chosen to award the top place winners, this year Andrea Orbona, a non game bird biologist with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and Allison Jackson, a Graphic Designer with the National Outdoor Leadership School picked the top four winners in each category. Winning Best of Show was Christopher Bookout for “Blue Heron”.

The show will last through May 12th and you can stop by to see the art work in person at the Lander Art Center on Main Street in Lander.