Dish Network dispute ends, local channels back on satellite

The signals of these Casper TV stations are back on the Dish Satellite Service as of this morning.

(Riverton) — Rural satellite television subscribers of the Dish TV Network may once again view their local Casper stations. “They started restoring the service at 8 p.m. last night after a 120 day-long contract dispute,” said Leonard Kosirog at Porter’s Mountain View Supply in Riverton, the local Dish Network affiliate. “They restored the service in tiers and completed restoring all of the channels at 9:30 this morning.”

Dish Network pulled the plug on the Casper television signals for the Fox, CBS and ABC stations on New Years Day, citing a contract negotiation dispute with a consultant for the network affiliates.

A call to that consultant Wednesday morning, Mark Nalbone, has not yet been returned. A spokesperson at KTWO TV in Casper declined any comment on the restoration of Dish Network services, referring all calls to Nalbone.

During the blackout, approximately 60,000 Dish subscribers across the area were impacted, although they were still able to receive the signals of Wyoming PBS and Casper’s NBC affiliate, KCWY-Channel 13.

“It will be interesting to see how many people return to the local channel lineup after such a long period with out them,” Kosirog said. “I hope people realize the channels are back on the satellite. They might’ve tired of checking every day to see if they were back.”