Police Blotter: Lander Woman arrested for DUI after found passed out behind the wheel, 3 vehicles hit with vandalism in Riverton over weekend

Riverton Police Department

Three vehicles had their windows broken over the weekend, the first reported was in the parking lot of Riverton High School for a vehicle that was left there over night. The broken windows caused $500 in damage. The other vehicle had a broken windshield, also causing $500 in damage. The other vehicle was parked on North 8th West and had $300 in damage.


Kym FastHorse, 18, from Riverton, Arrested for Warrant (1st Degree Sexual Assault). This warrant was issued for an incident that happened in October of 2011. According to Captain Eric Murphy with the Riverton Police Department, FastHorse was at a party and had intercourse with a female. The female says it was not consensual.

Amanda Foos, 33, from Riverton, arrested for 3rd degree sexual assault. This is still under investigation but Captain Murphy did say the incident happened on Thursday and Foos was arrested on Friday.

Darcie Hartbank, 18, from Riverton, arrested for Disorderly Conduct.

Teresa Swimmer, 35, Riverton was arrested for Public Intoxication

Carlene Headley, 51, from Riverton, Arrested for Public Intoxication

Manuel Chavez, 29, from Riverton,  Arrested for Public Intoxication

John Brown, 46, Riverton, Arrested for DWUI

Stephen Eagle, 22, from Riverton,  Arrested for Public Intoxication

Aloysius SittingEagle, 27 years old from Ft. Washakie, Arrested for Contempt of Court

Frank TallBull, 33, from Lame Deer, Montana, arrested for DWUI, Suspended Drivers License, No Insurance

William Armour, 33, from Ethete, Arrested for Failure to Appear

Lander Police Department


Jamie Bragg, 29, was arrested on Sunday afternoon for DUI. Officers were dispatched to the area of Baldwin Creek Road and Main Street for an unresponsive female in the intersection. Officers arrived and found Bragg passed out at the intersection with the vehicle in gear and running. Bragg was secured, checked medically and then arrested.

Julie Rogers, 54, was arrested Saturday afternoon for driving while under the influence. According to reports, Rogers was observed parking her vehicle on the sidewalk at the 400 block of North 5th Street. The officer contacted Rogers about her parking violation violation and discovered she was intoxicated. She was arrested for DUI and prohibited parking, she had a BAC of .15.

Oliver Aragon, 75, from Fort Washakie, was arrested on two warrants from the Lander Police Department

21-year-old James Eagleroad from Lander was arrested for trespassing.

Jason Craig, 44, from Lander was arrested on a Fremont County Sheriff’s Office Warrant.

John Dean, 54, from Atlantic City, was arrested for driving while under the influence. Reported BAC of .138.

Allesandro Shoyo, 30, from Fort Washakie was arrested on a failure to appear warrant.

Daniel Urbanski, 48, from Lander was arrested on a warrant.


Fremont County Sheriff’s Office

Mashele Coleman-35-Riverton-Possession of Controlled Substance, Agg Assault & Battery
Lorenzo Eagle-19-Arapahoe- 2 Misdemeanor Warrants for Violation of Probation out of Natrona County

Elias Mascarenas-33-Reno, NV- 4 Misdemeanor Bench Warrants from Sublette County, 1 Misdemeanor Bench Warrant from Sweetwater County.

Cody King-38-Riverton-Felon in Possession of Firearm, DWUS, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Dubois Deputies arrested 38 year old Cody King of Riverton and 35 year old Mashele Coleman of Riverton, regarding an alleged altercation that occurred over the weekend near Ring Lake.

Coleman is alleged to have struck another woman in the head with a bottle after an argument with a neighboring camper. The argument and ensuing fight started over the victim’s dog allegedly entering onto Coleman and King’s campsite. Coleman was charged with possession of marijuana and aggravated assault.

King was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm after Deputies located a shotgun in King’s truck. He was also charged with Driving under Suspension and Possession of drug paraphernalia.

The Victim received treatment at the Dubois Medical Clinic.