And now for some good news… Smiles hatching at Riverton’s Wind River Healthcare

Annie Rood holds one of the new chicks.

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Residents at Wind River Healthcare in Riverton are enjoying what can only be called a “hatching experience.”

“An incubator has been sitting in the corner with residents eagerly waiting to see any changes over the past three weeks,” said WRHC’s Feike Van Dijk. “Out of 32 eggs in the incubator, 17 hatched late last week with some rare breeds of chicken making an entrance.

Among the various breeds that hatched are Speckled Bantam Ameraucana, Wheaten Ameraucana, Lavender Ameraucana and French Black Cooper Marans.

The eggs were donated to the Healthcare Center by breeders in Montana, Virginia and New Jersey. The center already had an incubator.

“These little peeps are creating some huge smiles on the faces of the many retired ranchers and farmers here,” Van Dijk said. “The chicks will eventually end up at a home in Lander where the residents can visit, hold and feed the chickens, and also get some eggs for their staff.”

Judging from the smiles in these photos, the “hatching experience” has been a good one.

Minnie Presgrove with staff member Cindy Sherman.










Jackie Holmquest admires one of the chicks.