Graphic abortion images slow traffic in Riverton midday protest

A protest poster. (Jake Nash photo)

(Riverton, Wyo.) – An anti-abortion protest at Main and Federal in Riverton around the noon hour today by an out-of-state missionary group generated numerous calls of complaints to the Riverton Police Department. Individuals from the group “Missionaries to the Preborn” and carrying four large graphic photo posters of aborted fetuses set up in Riverton City Park where Main Street dead ends into Federal and displayed the images to passing traffic. The group also handed out materials containing extremely graphic images of abortions and called the their action “The American Holocuast Photo Display.”

“There was lots of rubbernecking and traffic congestion,” caller Jake Nash reported to “There was also one fender-bender on the north side of the park, but apparently not related to the protest.”

Riverton Police Chief Mike Broadhead said the group had been protesting the day before in Jackson. “They came in vehicles with license plates from Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan,” the chief said. “Apparently they travel around the country doing this. We monitored the protest from a distance.”  Broadhead said one of the group had a loudspeaker, but it was mostly inaudible. “They did have someone step out into the street occasionally but they were not interfering with sidewalk traffic.”

Broadhead said the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the more offensive a subject is, the more protection it receives under the First Amendment. “They came, did their thing, and left. There was no problem,” he said.

The protestors left the park about 1:30 p.m. Materials handed out by the individuals conducting the protest were credited to the Missionary group, which is based in Milwaukee.

(Jake Nash Photo)