County 10 Hiring!

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County 10

C10 HQ(Lander, Wyo.) — Fremont county’s most read news outlet is still growing! We’re looking to hire a full-time Advertising Consultant to help grow our relationships with advertising partners.

“Don’t you mean Ad Sales”

Partially. Advertising and marketing have evolved. The day of the effective ‘one-size-fits-all’ print ad has come to an end. Each business has unique needs for their brands visibility. County 10 offers a number of ways to give them that reach and be able to tell that story. We’re looking for a motivated and excited person that likes to work with customers to help them achieve their campaigns goals. We want meaningful long-term relationships that drive results for our advertisers.

The successful candidate will have a proven sales background that includes the effective management of client relationships. He/she will have strong communication skills and understand and value the benefits of a strong team approach.

Just listen to what some of our advertising partners have said:

“County is providing a valuable service to people “on the move.” Delivery of messages and advertising is unique, because it’s available in real-time and as the news happens. From WYDOT’s view, the advertising we are buying on is about making good real-time decisions regarding highway safety. We’ve found great ancetodal evidence that County is delivering real-time news and advertising messages to its subscribers. That’s a bonus for WYDOT, which is using specific highway safety messaging in an attempt to save lives. County hits a home run every day with its news and advertising!”, said Cody Beers with the Wyoming Department of Transportation

Matt Wilson, with the Wind River Mule Deer Foundation said, “Thanks so much for your help advertising the Mule Deer Foundation banquet. We broke a record for attendance and it looks like we are on track to beat the record for net profits as well. Thanks again and keep up the good work.”

County 10 offers excellent compensation and benefit packages, that include medical insurance, 401k, personal leave. A commission structure is offered to this position that is not capped. The more effective you are for our advertisers, the more you can earn.
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