One Shot activities moved from school; final location not determined

By Ernie Over, managing editor,

(Lander, Wyo.) – The Lander One Shot Club has decided to move its banquets out of the Lander Middle School and will rent a large tent instead, Board Member and Past President Richard Fagnant said Monday. “We’re going to a different venue to avoid the controversy,” Fagnant said. “We’re not sure where that will be at this point. We’re still trying to figure out where we’ll pitch the thing.”

The Lander City Council last Tuesday voted unanimously to approve a catering permit for the B&B Lounge to cater alcohol at the event, but concerns over having alcohol in a school building prompted threats of an injunction by local resident Martin Mazurie through his Riverton attorney. By moving the event away from the school, the controversy is avoided.

The One Shot Club had sought the school location as the only logical available host building for the Club’s banquets after the Lander Community Center was lost to fire in July. The school board agreed to waive its no alcohol policy and agreed to let the club use the school, but some in the community complained.

“We sincerely want to thank the school board for their willingness to help us out,” Fagnant said.

He said a number of locations are under consideration for the 16,000 square foot tent, including the soccer fields, a lot next to Fremont Motors and the Lander Fire Department Drill Field next to City Park. “It’ll depend on where we can get enough power and water for everything,” he said.

Fagnant also said that by changing the location, other things will now change. “The Past Shooters will be asked the use this tent, rather than having their own separate tent at another location,” he said.

Cost of the renting the large tent, including all the extras such as a stage, heating, lighting and area for the caterers to set up, is about $15,000, Fagnant said.

The club will also have to rent portable toilets for the events and find a suitable water source.

“We needed to get moving on t his since the Hunt and associated activities are only three weeks away,” he said.