Police Blotter: 29 Arrests; Pair involved in alcohol induced brawl in Lander; Another phone scam attempt foiled

(Lander, Wyo.) – Monday’s Law Enforcement wrap-up from across Fremont County:

Riverton Police Department


Kimberly Potter, 24, Riverton, Possession of a Controlled Substance-marijuana

John Amos, 28, Riverton, Child Endangerment

Barry Lucas, 47, Riverton, Bond Revocation

Ivan Bear, 43, Riverton, Public Intoxication and Shoplifting

White St. Clair, 33, Riverton, Fremont County Warrants

Jose Sanchez, 55, North Las Vegas, Nev., Driving While Under the Influence

Cefus Wood, 22, Riverton, Driving While Under the Influence

Jonah Prescott, 18, Riverton, Driving While Under the Influence

Jesse Manzanares, 30, Riverton, Municipal Warrant

Shane Blackburn, 24, Riverton, Municipal Warrant & Disturbing the Peace

Joseph Twiss, 38, Riverton, Municipal Warrant & Disturbing the Peace

Jamie Johnson, 47, Riverton, Possession of a Controlled Substance-marijuana

Stephanie Williams, 52, Riverton, Possession of a Controlled Substance-marijuana

Ceila Warren, 33, Riverton, Possession of a Controlled Substance-marijuana

Laurene Arthur, 19, Riverton, Public Intoxication & Minor in Possession of Alcohol


Lander Police Department


Travis Skavhaug, 31, Lander, arrested on a Crook County, Wyo., Warrant. He was stopped for speeding Friday at 3:50 p.m.

John Abeyta, Ethete, 31, Driving While Under the Influence with a Blood Alcohol Level of .14

Johnnie Hutchings, 40, Lander, Felony Driving While Under the Influence, 4th offense in 10 years. Blood Alcohol Level of .15

Matthew Talamantes, Paradise, Calif., Public Intoxication. Blood Alcohol Level .23

Shad Bracken, 35, Lander, Driving While Under the Influence. Blood Alochol Level .14. LPD Det. Sgt. Fred Cox said police were responding to the apparent theft of a golf cart last seen heading south on Buena Vista Street, when the responding officer noticed a golf cart heading West on Main Street. The cart was observed turning off of Main onto North 1st St. The cart was stopped on the west side of the Cowfish Restaurant in the alley. The cart did not sustain any damage.

Marlee Ute, 18, Fort Washakie, Assault, Public Intoxication, Minor In Possession & Minor Under the Influence.  and Wiona Smart, 18, Lander, Assault, Public Intoxication, Fighting, Minor Under the Influence. Cox said the LPD was called at 8:43 p.m. on Saturday to the area of North First and Rail Lane where a fight in progress was reported, and the two people were rolling around on the ground. Ute was found to have a half-inch long laceration on her forehead and was taken to Lander Regional Hospital where she allegedly became uncooperative and violent in the Emergency Room and with ER staff. Cox said the teen pulled out an IV which resulted in a spray of blood around the treatment area. Meawhile, Cox said Emergency Medical Personnel were attempting to do a medical assessment of Smart at the scene when she allegedly spit on at least one of the responders. Her Blood Alcohol Level was measured at .26. Cox said due to her uncooperative manner, and BAC was not obtained from Ute.

Dennis Brossman, 58, Lander, Driving While Under the Influence. Blood Alcohol Level was .10. Brossman was stopped at North Fifth and Lincoln when patrol officers notice his eastbound vehicle in the westbound lane of travel.

Gary Lee, 22, Lander, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer. Cox said the LPD was called to a residence in the 800 block of Four Seasons where an allegedly intoxicated man was refusing to leave. Upon arrival, Lee asked officers to arrest him and take him to jail, Cox said. The man then reached and tried to grab the responding officer’s taser, at which time he was handcuffed and, upon his request, taken to jail.

15-year old male juvenile and a 16-year-old male juvenile, both cited for fighting after police were called to a fight in progress in the 100 block of Main Street. There was no alcohol involvement.

Jamie Joaquim, 27, Lander, cited by officers after responding to a family fight call in the 700 block of Welch at 6:28 p.m. Sunday.

Christopher Oja, 37, Lander, Domestic Abuse. Police were called to the 900 block of Cliff Street at 7:57 p.m. Sunday on the report of a loud argument. Upon arriving officers were told that Oja had a disagreement with his girlfriend and had allegedly pushed her into a wall several times. Noticing small abrasions on the 31-year-old female, Oja was arrested for Domestic Abuse Assault.

Misti Hereford, Lander, 31, Fremont County Warrant


Police said a potential fraud was avoided at 8:30 a.m. on Friday when a local resident received a call that his or her grandchild had been arrested and needed money sent to them bail out of jail. Fortunately, the reporting party did not respond to the request and, instead, called police. The telephone number of the caller not traceable. Police reported one incident earlier this year when a senior citizen was scammed out of several thousand dollars on such a call, and Riverton Police reported a resident there lost $2K in a similar scam. Cox said anyone receiving such a call should not believe it, should never send any money, and to verify their grandchild’s whereabouts with other family members for reassurance.

Lander Police had a missing child case on their hand for an hour or so last Friday when an eight-year-old boy failed to return home off of his school bus. School Resource Office Jake Conilogue later found the child on a different bus.

A 12-year-old juvenile male was cited for Minor in Possession of Tobacco after he was caught smoking at the football game last Friday night.

Police are investigating the apparent theft of between $40 and $50 from the pool tables at the Forge Bar and Grill in Lander. The theft was reported at 1:38 p.m. on Saturday when it was discovered a coin box had been tampered with.

A hit and run car crash was reported at the Holiday Inn Express on Saturday morning at 10 .m. One vehicle was found with a dent in a passenger door and a scratch from the dent to the rear of the vehicle.

A woman enjoying a sandwich outside of the Safeway Store in Lander avoided a shoplifting charge by paying for the meal. Police said the woman said that she thought her husband had paid for the sandwich, but when approached by store personnel about the issue she complied immediately.


Fremont County Sheriff


Deven Souza, 18, Warrant out of Laramie County, Wyo.


A reported case of animal abuse in the Riverton area is under investigation by the FCSO. A reporting party had alleged that someone was putting antifreeze into their horse’s water.

A keg of beer was reported missing from the back of a pickup truck out on the Gas Hills Road east of Riverton and the reporting party said they did not want to be responsible for the charge for the missing keg. However the RP hung up the phone,  did not call back and is now not answering the telephone.

An incident of vandalism was reported on Saturday morning in Dubois where a number of heavy wooden barrels filled with flowers and decorating the boardwalk there were dumped over and the contents scattered.

A number of vehicle crashes were reported over the weekend, including a rear-end collision on Highway 789 in front of the 789 Casino south of Riverton, a two vehicle crash on the Twin Creek Road nine miles south of Lander, a minor crash between two vehicles was reported occurring near a stop sign on the Lost Cabin Road near the natural gas processing plant there and a collision between two vehicles at Campbell’s Corner, with one vehicle leaving the scene was reported at  9 a.m. on Friday.

Deputies were called to the 1300 block of Holly Road at 38 minutes past Midnight on Sunday morning where a verbal argument was reported involving a possible weapon, perhaps a hammer. There were no injuries and no firearm was involved.