One-cent sales tax PAC gearing up: ‘Fix Our Roads’ is campaign theme

(Riverton, Wyo.) – With the November General Election less than ten weeks away, a Political Action Committee (PAC) supporting the optional one- cent sales tax is gearing up to help show local voters the benefits of the tax. According to local engineer Dave Myers, who is heading up the PAC called Citizens for Improved Roads, “There is a real need for this in Fremont County. A lot of our infrastructure is in need of replacing and this is the only way to get it done.”

Local municipalities and Fremont County have all passed resolutions designating that optional one-cent funds would be used strictly for infrastructure and is limited to streets, roads, bridges and water and sewer lines. The tax is expected to generate at least $7 million annually and will be divided among Fremont County, Riverton, Lander, Shoshoni, Hudson, Dubois and Pavillion according to population.

Although governmental entities can inform and educate voters about the issue, state statute prohibits them from using public funds to promote the tax. Political action committees are free from such restrictions. “We can actually go out and encourage voters to support this effort,” explained Myers.

Displaying yard signs, writing letters or simply chatting about the tax with friends are just a few of the ways people can support the project. “We’re looking for people who are interested in getting involved and helping out with the PAC. And, of course, money is needed to support the effort so people and businesses are strongly encouraged to make donations to the PAC,” said Myers.

Anyone interested in volunteering with the PAC or making a donation is asked to call Myers at 857-0123 in the evenings or Kyle Lehto at 856-1409. Citizens for Improved Roads can also be contacted at P.O. Box 283, Riverton, WY 82501 or via Facebook at Citizens for Improved Roads.