Riverton City Council: Public hearing Tuesday on North Federal improvements; Chicken zoning ordinance up for final approval

Riverton City Seal-full color  hi res(Riverton, Wyo.) – The Riverton City Council will hold a public hearing Tuesday night on what kind of amenities and features should, if any, be incorporated into the design of the North Federal Boulevard reconstruction project, which is now being planned. The first report on planned amenities from the business owners along the North Federal corridor was presented at the last council session, and it called for no amenities at all, with just sidewalks and basic street lighting. The report did suggest, however, that the street lights be equipped with outlets for future decorative lighting.

At the city council’s retreat held earlier this month, the question of beautification of the city occupied a significant portion of the discussions. Council member Mary Ellen Christensen voiced her opinion that she’d like to see Riverton be a city “that draws you in, like Fort Collins.” Councilor Jonathan Faubion said he thought the city’s main thoroughfare should offer motorists “more than just stopping at a stop light. ” He said that in some cities, “you know when you’re there. I hope we can come up with something here more than just a place to drive through.” Faubion also noted that the North Federal Project is something that the city won’t have the opportunity to redo, “in 50 or 60 years,” so some thought should be put into this. ”

It had been suggested at earlier council meetings that amenities such as trees, colored sidewalks, decorative lighting like that downtown, benches and such be considered for North Federal.

The public hearing to gather public input on the project is slated as the first item after the consent agenda.

Also on Tuesday’s agenda  is the selection of a consultant for the Wildlife Hazard Assessment at Riverton Regional Airport, the third and final reading of an zoning ordinance update that would allow the raising of chickens within the city limits and changing the wording of pigs to swine, appointments to various city boards, and the annual review of alcohol serving establishments. The latter item will be presented by Police Chief Mike Broadhead. In a memo to the council, the chief said there are 32 liquor license holders in the city and calls to the police from those establishments represented about eight percent of the departments total calls in 2012. However, he said many of the calls were from establishments informing the police of their refusal to serve someone who appeared to be intoxicated, or a report of shoplifting from a retail liquor outlet and such. The chief reported that at this time” the police department is not requesting that the council take any action against any liquor license holder.”

Tuesday’s meeting is slated for 7 p.m. at Riverton City Hall. The meeting is open to the public and will be telecast live on Riverton Cable Television Channel 11.


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