Jeffrey City temperature dipped to -31°F Monday for coldest spot in Fremont County; -27°F recorded just south of Riverton

NWS-round(Riverton, Wyo.) – The National Weather Service Forecast Office in Riverton reported this morning that high pressure will remain over the Great Basin region this morning, as a weak clipper system slides across the northern tier states. This system will bring mostly cloudy skies, warmer temperatures and scattered snow showers to Northern Wyoming today. Areas of gusty winds will also occur across eastern and southern portions. Although temperatures will be warmer this afternoon, much of the area will stay below freezing. 

There is a winter weather advisory for the Bighorn Mountains and for Big Horn County of Northern Wyoming through Tuesday afternoon. 

Just how cold was it  yesterday morning? The NWS had the answer: 

An extremely cold night occurred Sunday night with lows Monday morning ranging generally from -10 to -30 degrees below zero. The coldest recorded temperature of -36 F occurring 13 miles west of Kemmerer and at a location 10 east northeast of Big Piney.  The highs at some locations Monday did not even get above zero. In Fremont County, the lowest temperature was -31° F at Jeffrey City. See the tables below for the lowest temperatures around the region:

Monday High Temperatures (at or below zero)

Location (County)

High Temperature

Big Piney Airport  (Sublette)

-5 F

Pinedale Airport (Sublette)

-4 F

Riverton Airport (Fremont)

-1 F

Jackson Airport (Teton)

0 F


Top 10 Coldest Overnight Lows on January 14, 2013

Location (County)

Low Temperature

 13 W of Kemmerer (Lincoln)
-36 F
 10 ENE of Big Piney (Sublette)
-36 F
  Bondurant (Sublette) -34 F
 1 W Grant Village (Teton)
-33 F
 7 NE of Pinedale (Sublette) -33 F
 4 SW Jackson (Teton) -32 F
 3 E of Sage Junction (Lincoln)
-32 F
 4 S of Cokeville (Lincoln)
-32 F
 1 W of Point of Rocks (Sweetwater)
-32 F
 6 SE of Superior (Sweetwater)
-32 F



Top 5 Coldest Lows for January 14th by County + Major Cities

Big Horn County

Fremont County





30 E Greybull (8898 FT) -16 F Jeffrey City (6340 FT) -31 F
17 E Shell (9580 FT) -15 F 2 S Riverton (Little Wind Rvr – 4902 FT) -27 F
5 NW Granite Pass (9350 FT) -14 F Dubois (6980 FT) -25 F
Shell (4285 FT) -14 F 17 SW Lander (8700 FT) -24 F
Basin (3835 FT) -11 F 17 NE Dubois (8400 FT) -24 F
Greybull Airport (3935 FT) -9 F Riverton Town (4950 FT) -23 F
Lovell (3830 FT) -7 F Lander Town (5320 FT) -22 F

Hot Springs County

Johnson County

 Lucerne (4280 FT)

-23 F 18 WNW Buffalo (8565 FT) -20 F

 Thermopolis (4341 FT)

-16 F Cloud Peak (9860 FT) -19 F
 Kirby (4330 FT) -14 F 15 W Buffalo (8720 FT) -18 F
 39 W Thermopolis (8975 FT) -10 F Powder River Pass (9480 FT) -16 F
 10 S Meeteetse (7127 FT)  -6 F Kaycee (4681 FT) -15 F
    Buffalo Town (4670 FT) -4 F

 Lincoln County

 Natrona County

 13 W Kemmerer (6718 FT)  -36 F  21 W Alcova (5920 FT)  -22 F
 3 E Sage Junction (6375 FT)  -32 F  7 W Alcova (6319 FT)  -14 F
 4 S Cokeville (6176 FT)  -32 F  2 SE Hiland (6099 FT)  -13 F
 Box Y Ranch (6650 FT)  -29 F  Midwest (4860 FT)  -12 F
 6 WNW Granger (6350 FT)  -28 F  8 S Casper (7740 FT)  -11 F
 Kemmerer (6980 FT)  -22 F  Casper Airport (5320 FT)  -10 F
 Bedford (6425 FT)  -21 F  Casper Mountain (7850 FT)  -8 F
 Afton (6211 FT)  -18 F    

 Park County

Sublette County

 3 ENE from the NE Entrance YNP  -30 F   9 E Big Piney (6800 FT)  -36 F
 Clark (4090 FT)  -20 F  Bondurant (6650 FT)  -34 F
 Pahaska (6725 FT)  -18 F  Boulder (6940 FT)  -34 F
 Beartooth Lake (9360 FT)  -16 F  Daniel (7355 FT)  -32 F
 Wapiti (5640 FT)  -10 F  Big Piney Airport (6975 FT)  -31 F
 Cody Airport (5100 FT)  -9 F  Pinedale Airport (7085 FT)  -31 F
 Meeteetse (5797 FT)  -6 F  Farson (6590 FT)  -31 F

 Sweetwater County

 Teton County

 1 W Point of Rocks (6747 FT)  -32 F  4 SW Jackson (6073 FT)  -33 F
 6 SE Superior (6706 FT)  -32 F  Moose  -32 F
 12 W Green River (6130 FT)  -31 F  Jackson Hole Airport (6445 FT)  -27 F
 5 SSE Point of Rocks  -30 F  Jackson (6247 FT)  -26 F
 5 SE Relance (6424 FT)  -29 F  Togwotee Mtn. Lodge (9184 FT)  -24 F
 Green River Town (6130 FT)  -25 F   Moran Junction (6749 FT)  -21 F
 Rock Springs Airport (6760 FT)  -18 F  Jackson Resort – Base (6339 FT)  -13 F

 Washakie County

 Yellowstone National Park

 Big Trails (4680 FT)  -27 F  Grant Village (7874 FT)  -33 F
 Worland Airport (4245 FT)  -19 F  Old Faithful (7350 FT)  -30 F
 Worland Town (4052 FT)  -18 F  Lake Yellowstone (7835 FT)  -27 F
 Ten Sleep (4470 FT)  -13 F  East Entrance (6950 FT)  -24 F
 12 ENE Ten Sleep (8202 FT)  -12 F  Firehole Canyon (7050 FT)  -23 F






Although winds were generally light across the region Sunday night even a very light breeze can make it feel much colder (wind chill). Below is a wind chill chart showing temperature (F) and wind (MPH) and the corresponding wind chill temperature (F). The shaded areas show how quickly frostbite can occur at a certain wind chill. 

Wind Chill Chart
Tips on how to dress during cold weather:

  • Wear layers of loose-fitting lightweight, warm clothing. Trapped air between the layers will insulate you.  Outer garments should be tightly woven, water repellent and hooded.
  • Wear a hat, because 40% of your body heat can be lost from your head.
  • Cover your mouth to protect your lungs from extreme cold.
  • Mittens, snug at the wrist, are better than gloves.
  • Try to stay dry and out of the wind.

What is frostbite?
Frostbite is an injury to the body caused by freezing body tissue.  The most susceptible parts of the body are the extremities such as fingers, toes, ear lobes, or the tip of the nose.  Symptoms include a loss of feeling in the extremity and a white or pale appearance.  Medical attention is needed immediately for frostbite. The area should be SLOWLY warmed.

What is hypothermia?
Hypothermia is abnormally low body temperature (below 95 degrees Fahrenheit). Warning signs include uncontrollable shivering, memory loss, disorientation, incoherence, slurred speech, drowsiness, and apparent exhaustion. Medical attention is needed immediately. If it is not available, begin warming the body SLOWLY.

Don’t forget about your PETS…
Have a water supply available and make sure it is not frozen.  Many animal deaths in extreme cold is from dehydration.