Lander approves resolution supporting the WLRC; Riverton expected to follow suit

By Joshua Scheer, reporter,

(Lander, Wyo.) – While the debate over the future of the Wyoming Life Resource Center continues at the Capitol, local officials are expressing their support for Lander-based institution.

Lander City Council passed an emergency resolution Tuesday in support of “the continuation of the Wyoming Life Resource Center.”

Council Buddy Spriggs read the resolution, and then Community Resource Coordinator Gary Michaud spoke up, offering a couple additions to the document.

Michaud said he testified at the House of Representatives a couple times in the prior week on the issue. “The impetus behind this was a decrease in Medicare funds,” he said, adding that the proposed bill talks of transitioning clients. Read the latest on the bill here.

The resolution as passed supports a study that “include the consultation of family and guardians,” presses for a focus on effective and efficient care for clients, and makes note that the WLRC is Lander’s largest employer. The council did not discuss the resolution further.

Attached below is the full resolution.

The City of Riverton is expected to pass a similar resolution next week.

WLRC resolution