Plowing in Fremont County totaling more than $130k so far

The Fremont County Commission met for the first time in the new year on Tuesday. (Joshua Scheer photo)

The Fremont County Commission met for the first time in the new year on Tuesday. (Joshua Scheer photo)

By Joshua Scheer, reporter,

(Lander, Wyo.) – The Fremont County Transportation Department is reporting snow plowing costs from Oct. 17, 2012 to the end of the year totaled more than $135,000.

Transportation Superintendent Dave Pendleton included the information in his report to the Fremont County Commission on Tuesday.

Work crews reported being out on the job 45 times in the two and a half months.

“We don’t budget directly for snow removal,” Pendleton said. “We have work orders that are inserted, and this is the yield. This is what we got.”

The costs are split nearly 50/50 between the Riverton and Lander areas. Riverton carries a slight majority, with $67,903.97 accumulated over last fall. Costs for plowing in the Lander area totaled $62,111.67. Snow removal in the Atlantic City/South Pass area has totaled $5,405.10.

Equipment costs have totaled $88,123.84. Employee pay came to more than $46,000. Material costs came to just more than $1,000.

Plowing near Dubois is contracted out to TY Excavation. “We find it more cost effective and better for the Dubois area to have a contract up there,” Pendleton said. He said the current company is doing a better job than the previous company. “We have no complaints from anybody,” he added. “That’s really saying something.”

Additional Dubois contract details were not readily available.

Commissioner Stephanie Kessler asked if Pendleton had costs broken down from past years for comparison, and he said he didn’t. “It’s all weather dependent, too,” he said. Commissioner Keja Whiteman asked Pendleton to include a break down of regular employee costs versus over time in the next snow plowing report.

Pendleton also talked about using magnesium chloride on 10 to 15 percent of the county’s gravel roads. He said that helps to hold the roads together when its plowed and being driven upon.

In other transportation news:

-Both the Transportation Department and the Fremont County Clerk’s Office are working on projects to clean up paperwork regarding county roads and fixing any mistakes or discrepancies that exist. A meeting is tentatively planned for Feb. 11 in Dubois to go over possible amendments to the county’s right of way along several roads. Pendleton said there are several places where the path of the road does not meet existing easements.