Riverton School Board heaped praise on RHS students and staff for community clean-up project

Tristan Scarborough (in blue) and Virgil Morrison (in green) work on top of limbs in a trailer helping to wrestle a big branch on board a trailer on October 10th during the Wolverines in Action Community Clean-up Day. Assisting in the tan hoodie is RHS Principal John Griffith and other students from Marianne Vinich and Grace Sinner’s home rooms. (Ernie Over photo) 

(Riverton, Wyo.) – The Trustees of Fremont County School District 25 this week heaped praise on the 800 plus students and staff at Riverton High School who participated in the annual “Wolverines in Action” day of community service on October 10th.

“It was neat to see, I saw them all throughout the morning cleaning up the mess from the snow storm,” said Carl Manning.

Larry Christensen said he’d like to echo what Manning reported. “The cleanup was amazing. The community is still talking about it.”

Both comments received head nods and side comments of how great the timing and the effort was.

“We had 218 loads taken to the recycle facility with the limbs and such from the cleanup,” Superintendent Terry Snyder said. “I ran the chain saw a bit too.”

Snyder said he and a team of students spent about 1.5 hours at a disabled man’s residence on the east side, who had been trying to trim his trees with and electric branch cutter while sitting down. “All of a sudden the kids showed up and did the work for him. He was very appreciative said said he didn’t know how he was going to get his yard cleaned.” In fact, Snyder said the Central Office has received numerous calls, and even a few donations, for the work that was done that day.

“When the kids had unloaded their trailers at the recycle facility, they helped other people unload their trailers too, it was great to see,” said Jody Ray.

Chairman Mark Stone also talked about the event. “I did get feedback on the clean up, especially since it came right after the big storm,” he said. “So many senior citizens were helped that day along with other residents. It left a positive impression on the community.”

Assistant Superintendent JoAnne Flanagan said RHS Principal John Griffith did a great job in getting the word out and getting the event organized. “We usually do the Service Day on the half-day before Thanksgiving, but because of the big storm, he decided to do it early this year.”