Volunteer effort re-striped Riverton’s downtown city parking lot; Action sprung out of a Strong Town seminar

Re-striping the center of the lot. (Ginger Bennett photo) 

(Riverton, Wyo.)  – Engineers from James Gores and Associates attended a Strong Town meeting in Lander earlier this month in which the presenters indicated that communities could be improved by small projects. “I thought there were some things we could do in Riverton to help the community with beautification,” James Gores said Friday afternoon, after a team from his office re-striped the downtown Riverton parking lot in just four hours.

Dressed in his work clothes and picking up equipment used in the project, Gores said he decided what he could do was stripe the parking lot behind his office. So a team from his office was assembled, they notified everyone who usually parked in the lot several days in advance, and got to work Friday afternoon in a mostly empty lot.

No one asked him to do it, and no one is paying him for it. “I look at it as what can be achieved on a volunteer basis to stimulate community involvement,” he said. “Perhaps someone else will now do another small project in town.”

Gores Engineer Eric Carr said Riverton has a beautiful downtown, “even when you look at the back of buildings, like what we have here at the city lot. We need to celebrate what we’ve got and maybe this will help get people downtown to shop more,” he said. “We just have to put one foot in front of the other.”

Before the Gores team started work, the city lot markings were nearly worn away, only faint lines remained which caused disorganized parking in the past. No one could remember when the lot was last striped. Now the lot, except for the loading area at the back of Kusel’s, was striped with bright yellow paint.

“We used 10 gallons,” Gores said. “We thought we could do it with nine gallons, but we needed 10. The lot was so dry that the old asphalt really sucked up the paint.”

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Photos by Ginger Bennett, click to enlarge: