Riverton Regional Airport boardings show increase through September over 2012; Topped 10,000 in September

A passenger unloading at Riverton Regional Airport’s terminal. (Ernie Over photo) 

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Riverton Regional Airport passed the magic number of 10,000 enplanements, or boardings, during September to retain it’s annual $1 million appropriation from the Federal Aviation Administration. At the end of September, the airport had enplaned a total of 10,344 passengers, with the number of outgoing passengers logged as 10,467 passengers.

A Great Lakes Brasilia after landing in Riverton. (EO)

A Great Lakes Brasilia after landing in Riverton. (EO)

Compared with 2012’s passenger numbers, both enplanements and deplanements are up with 232 more passengers to date getting on the plane, and 430 more people disembarking here.

According to information provided to the Riverton Regional Airport Board, of the 87 scheduled departures, four flights were cancelled, and of the 91 scheduled arrivals, six were cancelled.

Most of September’s arrivals were on the larger Brasilia aircraft, 75 landings, versus 9 for a Beech 1900.