Fremont Therapy offers Aquatic Physical Therapy; a safe, controlled and comfortable rehab approach

(Riverton and Lander, Wyo.) – When we think of recovering from injuries and chronic conditions, we rarely think of water, however, this is changing with increasing recognition of the benefits of aquatic therapy, which uses the relieving, low-impact environment of water to help people achieve their health and wellness goals gently and effectively.

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Heated aquatic therapy pools are available in both the Riverton and Lander facilities, and the licensed, trained professionals at Fremont Therapy Group can provide aquatic therapy treatments for a wide range of injuries, surgeries, and illnesses, including joint replacements, chronic pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, improving functional mobility, and increasing range of motion.


Following is a list of just a few reasons why aquatic therapy can help.

Buoyancy – Water’s natural buoyancy aids rehabilitative activity by reducing the amount of stress and impact incurred by aching muscles and joints. For example, a patient that is submerged waist deep in water has nearly 50 percent of their body weight supported by buoyancy. Nearly 90 percent of a patient’s body weight can be supported as submersion is increased. Compared to traditional rehabilitation on land, which involves the full impact of the patient’s weight, water reduces the likelihood of pain or re-injury.

Hydrostatic Pressure – Patients that rehab in a pool as opposed to on land can reduce swelling faster, improve circulatory efficiency, and increase blood flow. All of these benefits aid in strengthening muscles and improving range of motion. The water’s natural pressure is not only soothing and comfortable, but it is beneficial to rehab efforts as well.

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Temperature – Exercising in a warm pool allows a patient to apply heat and strengthen muscles at the same time. The temperature of the pool is between 90 and 95 degrees, to maximize comfort and increase blood flow during rehabilitation.

Resistance – Water provides significantly more resistance than air, allowing aquatic patients to strengthen more muscles with every exercise. Increasing and decreasing submersion, as well as utilizing tools such as buoys, floats and/or weights will allow our staff to adjust and target the level of resistance for patients.

For more information about this service click here or call (307) 332-5240 in Lander or (307) 856-7021 in Riverton to schedule a personal tour.

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About Fremont Therapy Group: Fremont Therapy Group, serving Riverton and Lander communities since 1997, is the oldest and the leading provider of physical therapy services in Fremont County. Patients benefit from one-on-one care, and are always seen an licensed therapist, never an aide or tech. Treatment schedules based on the patients’ needs alone, not the therapists’ schedule.

Fremont Therapy designed and built modern, fully equipped facilities in both communities that include spacious gym areas, heated aquatic therapy pools, and private treatment rooms. Fremont Therapy Group employs 15 licensed therapy professionals to ensure the right skills are available for each patient and to ensure continuity of their patients’ treatments.

Fremont Therapy Group is a local company owned by physical therapists who are driven by their profession and the betterment of the communities in which they live and work.

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