Crash knocked out some Century Link DSL service west of Riverton; Telephone service not impacted

UPDATE: Century Link spokeswoman Michelle Jackson in Montana told that service was restored to all customers. “CenturyLink’s priority during an outage is to restore service to our customers as quickly as possible.  By noon today all services impacted were restored.”

(Riverton, Wyo.) – The driver of a green 2012 model Ford F-150 pickup knocked out DSL Internet service to about half of CenturyLink customers west of Riverton along Highway 26 early today. According to a preliminary report from the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department, the driver was apparently going too fast for conditions during a heavy fog at 3:59 a.m. and drove though an intersection, crashed through a fence, knocked two concrete barriers aside and struck the southwest corner of a Century Link telephone substation. The driver was apparently uninjured. The crash knocked a four foot square hole in the southwest corner of the building and destroyed two of the station’s four DSL sending units, according to an initial assessment by Century Link personnel at the scene shortly after 8 a.m. Telephone service was apparently uninterrupted.

The driver, whose identity has not yet been released because a crash report had not been completed, was driving southbound on the 8 Mile Road when he failed to stop at the intersection with Highway 26. The vehicle’s brakes were applied, but black ice and snow failed to slow the truck which crashed into two concrete barriers in front of the building, which sat just to the east of the intersection. One of the barriers was pushed aside and into the front of the structure and the other knocked about 10 feet to the east. The impact moved the building, which is on a skid structure, some 18 inches. The power coupling on the north side of the building was broken, but not severed, and a fiber optic line was stretched to its limit, but again not severed.

The two DSL units that were destroyed were sitting on the ground adjacent to the station’s west side. The truck continued a short distance and crashed through a second fence, leaving its fender behind.

Photos by Ernie Over