Photo and Video of the Day: Bison Protester

(Kelly, Wyo.) – It appears that even the bison have had enough of the Federal Government Shutdown. Thanks to Trenna Sonnenschein for the photo and her husband, Jon, for the video. Below is the story behind the photo.

“Yesterday my family and I was driving outside of the Grand Teton National Park boundaries just North of Kelly on the Gros Ventre Road when we came across a large heard of Bison crossing the road,” Sonnenschein wrote to County10. “We were parked close to a GTNP road barricade due to the Government Shutdown of all our National Parks. As I was taking pictures of the Bison this young Bull started using the barricade as a scratching post. He started on his left side but soon after the one side of the barricade fell to the ground. This picture was taken right before he decided that his back needed scratched also and then of course the whole thing falls down and of course everyone watching him was rooting & cheering him on. I told my husband my husband that even the Bison were upset with the Government Shutdown.”