Riverton council work session to discuss a citywide parks plan and door-to-door sales

Lee Crook addressed the council in September on the need for an overall city parks plan, and not just for City Park. Crook had proposed a plan for City Park that eventually grew into the Revitalize Riverton Citizens Committee. (Ernie Over photo) 

(Riverton, Wyo.) – The Riverton City Council work session tonight will focus on two subjects, a master planning process for the city’s parks and ideas on how to deal with door-to-door sales people in the community.

The idea for a master park plan sprung out of the council’s desire to increase usage at Riverton City Park and a committee was formed from the community to look at that idea. City Administrator Steven Weaver, in a memorandum to the council, said the point of tonight’s discussion is to discuss what the council would like to see in such a plan, and if the planning process should be done by a citizens committee or a consultant specializing in park planning. He said he had received and read many different park plans from communities in the region and that they ranged from a 55 page document to one over 270 pages. Weaver said any park planning process must “have input and buy-in from the citizens.”

Community Development Director Sandy Luers said the city  presently requires registration and licenses or permits “for taxi cabs, tree trimmers, day care, home occupations, etc.” but she said there is no regulation on door-to-door solicitors.

At the last city council meeting, Police Chief Mike Broadhead told the council that he felt it was important to know who is in the town selling and obtain enough information from them to hold people accountable.

Luers said a survey of Wyoming Communities resulted in a mixed bag. “Some municipalities simply prohibit all commercial door-to-door sales (except those for  non profits, religious institutions and such) while others don’t have any regulation,” she said. “Many require permits or licenses for solicitors or itinerant merchants specificially or as a general business license.”

Luers said she would be asking for specific council direction as to what steps, if any, to take to address the issue.

The agenda is copied below:

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