Police Blotter: Arrests; Coin dispenser broken into, $660 taken; Two house fires reported; Cedar bar burglarized; Children removed from home

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – Monday’s law enforcement recap from the weekend. Those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.

Riverton Police Department


Curtis StillSmoking, 27, Browning, Mont., Public Intoxication. StillSmoking entered the grounds of the Wyoming Honor Farm north of Riverton trying to find a location where he could get warm, according to a police report. The man said he did not know the Honor Farm was a prison.

Marcus Brown, 35, Riverton, Public Intoxication

Reuben Behan, 27, Riverton, on a Contempt of Court warrant

David Guiterrez-Martin, 18, Lander, Minor In Possession and Public Intoxication

Darwin Gambler, 30, Riverton, Simple Assault, Resisting Arrest, Criminal Entry and Public Intoxication. An intoxicated subject gave police a few anxious moments on Sunday after he tried to enter two residences along Pinecrest Drive, and then tried to hide behind a four foot-tall bush. When the man, later identified as Gambler, began hiding, he took something out of his coat, which put officers on high alert until they determined it was a bottle of mouthwash. As the man was being taken into custody, he tried to drink the mouthwash and there was a struggle. Gambler was eventually subdued and was taken to Riverton Memorial Hospital for treatment of a high blood alcohol level. When he was released from the hospital, his BAC level was measured at .27 percent. He was then taken to jail.

Edward Scerbo, 51, Shoshoni, Driving While  Under the Influence (DWUI)

Joshua Hartman, 22, Riverton, on a Contempt of Court warrant and for two counts of Dog At Large

Rochelle Addision, 33, Ethete, DWUI (.11 percent BAC); Marion Killsenemy, 24, Riverton, on a Probation Revocation. Police stopped a vehicle driven by Rochelle on a traffic stop in the 600 block of West Main at 2:07 a.m. Saturday. Addison was found to be intoxicated and Kellsenemy had a warrant.

Yvette Blackburn, 49, Arapahoe, Criminal Entry; Robyn Blackburn, 46, Arapahoe, Criminal Entry. A neighbor called police at 10:33 p.m. Friday night from the 300 block of East Madison reporting that they could hear someone rummaging around in a neighboring apartment, knowing the neighbor was not at home at the time. Police were able to contact the renter who said no one should be in the apartment, so the police entered. They found a broken front window and two broken windows in the back of the apartment, and once inside, found one of the women passed out on the floor and the other passed out in a bedroom. The two said they didn’t know who lived there. When the renter returned and walked through the apartment with officers, the reported found “no new damage” to the apartment.

Ronald Brown, 47, St. Stephens, Public Intoxication and Open Container

Sherman Quiver, 29, Ethete, Public Intoxication

Tyvan Chee, 22, Riverton, DWUI and on a Failure to Appear warrant. Chee was arrested after employees of the Taco Johns Restaurant thought a customer in the drive through lane was intoxicated. They reported the driver, Chee, smelled of alcohol. Chee was arrested after he pulled into the parking lot of the motel next door.

Paul Bell, 52, Riverton, Public Intoxication

A 12-year-old male student at Riverton Middle School was busted for having a pipe and suspected marijuana in his possession Friday at 12:41. The student was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance, marijuana.

A 25-year-old male from Riverton was cited for Possession of Marijuana and for Carrying a Concealed Weapon after police were called to the parking lot of the Fremont County Branch Library in the 1300 block of West Park Saturday at 10:50 a.m. for a suspicious man in a vehicle. Police contacted the driver who admitted to “skimming WiFi” from the library. Officers, however noticed the aroma of marijuana smoke coming from inside the vehicle. The driver said he had a three-gram bindle in his shoe and a .45 caliber handgun in the console. Police found two bags of marijuana in the vehicle, totaling 9.8 grams, and the 1.7 gram bindle. The gun was a Hi-Point .45 caliber. The gun and the grass were both confiscated.

A Wyoming State Trooper working a seat belt awareness event at Fremont Motors at 2:37 p.m. reported three juveniles were caught stabbing tires on new vehicles parked in the sales lot in the 1600 block of North Federal. The three began to run, but Police caught two of them. When asked why the youth said they did it on a dare. A tire on a 2014 Ford Taurus was flattened. The tire value was placed at $265. The two youngsters who were caught were 9 and 11 years old, respectively. One was released to his family, the other was released to Northern Arapaho Department of Family Services.

A 35-year-old Pavillion man was cited for shoplifting after he attempted to take a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka from Safeway. In the man’s attempt to race out of the store, he slipped and dropped and smashed the bottle. The clerk was able to get police a description, and they found the man just a short distance away.

Riverton Police and Fremont County Sherffs Deputies assisted the BIA Wind River Police with a personal injury crash near the 789 Casino south of Riverton. A Chevrolet Cavalier had crashed into, and apparently under, a silver Dodge truck at that location. No other details were available.


High Plains Power reported that someone had cut a hole in the fence at the company’s storage yard in the 1700 block of East Monroe. The hole was about three feet high. Nothing appeared to be missing.

Riverton Police made the initial response to an address on Snowberry Lane in Gardens North where a family fight had been reported. Officers calmed the situation until Fremont County Sheriff’s Deputies could arrive.

A hit and run crash was reported in the parking lot of the new Health and Science Center at Central Wyoming College at 1:29 a.m. Friday. A caller witnessed a black or blue passenger car back into a silver car and then leave. Damage was estimated at $300 to the silver car.

The Rocky Mountain Car Wash on West Main in Riverton reported that someone had broken into the change machine on the east side of the building and had gotten away with $600 in quarters and two coin canisters each valued at $500. Total loss was listed at $1,600. Police detectives are reviewing the surveillance video.

The owner of a black Ford Ranger complained to police that someone had entered his unlocked pickup truck overnight and had taken $300 worth of punk rock CDs from the center console. The theft was reported in the 700 block of Village Drive.

Two combatants in an alleged family fight were found to be intoxicated and were taken from the 700 block of North Federal to the Center for Hope detox center.

Well, they didn’t fly away! The owner of three hummingbird solar lights at an address in the 1400 block of Pinecrest reported the lights missing on Friday. They were valued at $20 each. There are no suspects.

A new mother came to the RPD Friday seeking advice on what could be done with the family dog. The woman said she had owned the dog for three years and never had a problem with it, until she came home with her baby. The dog had become increasingly aggressive, especially toward the infant, who was bitten on the hand. She said she had called to have the dog taken away, but the dog was refused. Police transported the dog to the PAWS shelter.

A couple having a fight over an alleged infidelity resulted in a police call to the 1100 block of Fairview Drive Friday night just past 9 p.m. The pair decided to separate for the night and there were no further calls.

Police again assisted the FCSO with the initial reponse to a family fight call in the 100 block of Firethorn Lane in Gardens North at 25 minutes past 12 a.m. Saturday morning. Police settled the situation and waited for deputies to arrive.

A report of a suspicious man Saturday at 10:16 a.m. turned out to be a male subject looking for work and heading toward Rawlins.

At 3:45 p.m. Police received a report of from seven to eight white kids around 11 or 12 years old jumping out in front of cars in the area of Pizza Hut and Loaf ‘N Jug. The kids were gone upon police arrival.

Police were called a short time later to a garage in the 500 block of East Monroe where three juveniles were reported on top a garage roof. It turned out the kids were being supervised by an adult in the adjacent yard.

A female clerk at a business on West Main Street called police and reported a suspicious looking older man with a gray beard parked next to her vehicle at the end of her shift. She said someone had called her asking for a date earlier in the day and she was worried about the man next to her vehicle. The man and his vehicle were gone upon arrival.

A man who tried to hide a can of beer in his pocket at a liquor store in the 600 block of North Federal was caught by store clerks and the beer was returned.

An intoxicated man who entered a local restaurant and ate a meal, gave the clerk only $3.46 and walked out. The restaurant had asked the man if he had money to pay for his meal after he entered. He said he did, but could only produce the three small bills and change. the man was cited for Petit Larceny and taken to the Center For Hope detox center.

A man reported to be attempting to enter vehicles in the M&M motors sales lot at 419 North Federal Boulevard at at 9:43 p.m. was contacted by officers. The man said he had purchased a vehicle from the lot, but that it was having mechanical problems, and he was dropping it off the the dealer to check.

On Sunday morning, employees at the Cedar Bar in the 400 block of East Fremont reported a burglary. A window on the north side of the property had been broken out and boards nailed on the inside of the window had been kicked free. Six bottles of alcohol were taken with a value of $113. Surveillance video revealed a dark colored passenger car had backed up to the business and a female in a red sweatshirt got out and threw a rock through the window and then began kicking the glass out. A second woman joined in the property destruction, throwing rocks at the opening. The female wearing the red sweatshirt then entered the business and grabbed 3.75 liter bottles of Captain Morgan rum and Bacardi Oak Leaf rum; 3.7 liter bottom of Jack Daniels, 3.5 liter bottles of Fireball and Cinnamon Burst Black Velvet and a 4 liter bottle of Pendleton.

The Crown of Life Ministries church in the 600 block of East Monroe reported that a Sony Projector was missing from its sanctuary Sunday. The projector was valued at $1,100. There are no suspects.

A man reportedly took a $2.61 value sandwich from the  South Federal Maverik store an ran way heading west. Police were unable to locate the man.

A fender bender that resulted in over $1,000 in damage was reported Sunday between a tan 2006 Jeep Commander and a tan 2004 Ford Taurus.  The crash was reported in the 1100 block of West Park.

A personal injury crash was reported on North Federal Boulevard in front of the Dairy Queen when a copper 2005 Pontiac collided with a green 1998 Dodge Caravan. Several people in one of the cars was checked at the scene by EMS personnel, but no one was transported to the hospital.


Riverton Fire Department

Riverton Fire Chief Mike Hutchison reported the RFD responded to two fires on Sunday, the first at 5:15 a.m. at 108 Sagebrush at the Beaver Creek Housing Area. The chief said that was an unoccupied home and that a fire had apparently started in a pile of debris in the  home’s kitchen area. He said the fire was limited to the kitchen.

A second fire, at 11:44 a.m. was called in from the 10800 block of North Highway 789 near Burma Road. An add on room that was at one time a screened in porch was on fire when firefighters arrived. The door to the extra room had been closed, so the fire was limited to the room itself. There was a small amount of smoke damage in the remainder of the home. The cause has not been officially determined, but Hutchison said it could’ve been from candles that were left burning in the room. There was no one home at the time and there were no injuries.

Investigation into both blazes is continuing.


Fremont County Sheriff’s Department


Alvin Kohm, 31, Casper, North Dakota Warrant.

Colten Lane, 24, Riverton, Pedestrian Under the Influence.

Michael Olman, 28, Kinnear, Child Endangering. Danielle Largent, 25, Kinnear, Domestic Violence Battery and Child Endangering. “Deputies were called to an address on Lakeview Drive near Kinnear Saturday night for an alleged altercation between a man and wife,” Undersheriff Ryan Lee said. “Three children were taken into protective custody. Both adults were found intoxicated and the home was found to be in disarray and unsafe for the children ages 10 months to 6 years old.”

BobbiJo Magill, 40, Riverton, Bond Revocation. Magill was arrested after a couple calls were made to law enforcement after 3 p.m. on Friday about her being intoxicated. One person reported she was driving to pick up her kids and another reported being assaulted by her.

Onetta O’Neal, 28, Lander, Probation Violation.

Michelle Pierre, 28, Kinnear, Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and No Valid Driver’s License.

Shawn Pizarro, 41, Ethete, Possession of Stolen Property and No Valid Driver’s License. Stella Duran, 20, Fort Washakie, Interference with Police and two Failure to Appear Warrants. Pizarro was pulled over after his vehicle was the subject of a drunken driving report. “When Pizarro was contacted it was determined he was not intoxicated, however he did not have a driver’s license and the vehicle had been reported stolen out of Colorado,” Lee said. Duran, who was a passenger, was charged with interference after providing a valse name.

Christopher Schneider, 47, Lander, DUI.

Christian Knezovich, 23, Rock Springs, Interference with Police and Property Destruction. Kevin Knezovich, 21, Rock Springs, Interference with Police and Property Destruction. Sharee Martinez, 19, Rock Springs, Underage Consumption of Alcohol. “Deputies were called to a home near the Sweetwater Rest Area in the South Pass area early this morning for a disorderly situation,” Lee said. “The owner of the home indicated he had a disagreement with three house guests and that he had attempted to lock them out of his residence. The guests then attempted to break into the home, and had shattered at least two windows. When Deputies arrived the three suspects (guests) were back inside the home and refused to comply with Deputies requests to deescalate the incident. … The investigation is ongoing into the incident.”


At 10:10 a.m. on Friday, deputies were called to Snowberry Lane near Riverton for a report of a fight where one man was threatening to hit another. The fight was later determined to be verbal only.

As reported early Friday morning, November 1, 2013, the Sheriff’s Office was currently attempting to locate a Dubois man in the area of Horse Creek Road that had made threats to his life, Lee said. The man was located around noon that same day without incident and was taken to Riverton for a mental health evaluation.

At 4:46 p.m. on Friday, a man called deputies to report that someone said they have a “hit on him.” The report is under investigation.

At 9:21 p.m., deputies were called Highway 789 for a report of suspicious Ford Ranger truck heading toward Lander that kept flashing its lights on and off.

A report of an assault at 12:25 a.m. on Saturday on Firethorn Lane came to deputies, but the female suspect fled the area before officers arrived. Citation is pending.

At 11:07 a.m., deputies were called to the 200 block of Delfelder Road near Riverton for a report of three friendly turkeys on the caller’s yard.

“Deputies were called to the area of Mazet Road Saturday evening for a report of a man that had exposed himself to a female that was riding in his car,” Lee said. “Deputies located the vehicle along with the man and another woman inside. During the investigation deputies were unable to substantiate that a crime had been committed. Alcohol was involved in the incident.”

At 10:15 p.m., deputies were called to 700 block of Rendezvous Road in St. Stephen’s for a report of an intoxicated man talking to himself and being a nuisance.

Deputies were called to Sidewinder Road at 10:50 p.m. on Saturday for a report of an unknown truck in the area. The caller hear three gunshots. Deputies were unable to locate anything out of the ordinary.

At 10:19 a.m. on Sunday, a business on the 100 block of Poppy near Lander reported a window broken sometime over the night.

At 11:35 a.m., a man on Harvey Morgan Lane in Lander reported that he shot an elk the day before and it had a hoof that was three times the size of the others. He wanted Wyoming Game & Fish personnel to look at it.

At 4:35 p.m., deputies were called to an address on the 1500 block of East Monroe Avenue  by a juvenile caller who said their parents and grandparents were intoxicated and unable to care for the juvenile. Deputies found the report to be unfounded and the mother was home and sober.

A woman called deputies to Snowberry Lane to report a headlight on her car and the mirror on a neighbor’s car had been broken.


Lander Police Department


Novita Jarvis, 27, Lander, Trespassing and Shoplifting $3 in consumable items

Thornton Carrier, 61, Fort Washakie, Open Container and on a LPD warrant

Dory Green, 51, Lander, DWUI

Randolph Duran, 24, Lander, Interference, on a Big Horn County warrant and on two LPD warrants.

April Laughter, 21, Lander, DWUI

Joshua West, 44, Atlantic City, Wyo., Possession of a Controlled Substance, marijuana and Public Intoxication


The LPD did not conduct a media press conference this morning and the weekend report has not yet been released. The information will be added when available.