Dubois chosen as location for a western feature film: Old Western Town feel attracted filmmakers

Film producer Mark Christian setting up a photo above Dubois ( photo by Steve Manella)

(Dubois, Wyo.) – Starting May 2014, a modern day western feature film titled “Cardinal Matter” will be shot in Dubois by the winners of the 2013 Wyoming Short Film Contest, sponsored by The Wyoming Film Office. The group of L.A. based film-makers including  Director  Madeline Puzzo, Producer/Cinematographer Mark Christian, and Writer  Tom Major won the prestigious award and a $25,000 Grand Prize to produce another film (which will be “Cardinal Matter”) in Wyoming.

The film team: Madeline Puzzo, Steve Manella, Mark Christian and Tom Major (June Bonasera photo)

Madeline Puzzo, Steve Manella, Mark Christian and Tom Major

According to Producer/Cinematographer Mark Christian, the new movie will tell the story of a migrant worker who comes to a small Wyoming town looking for work and to reconnect with his cousin. He soon finds that his cousin’s criminal actions have drawn a great deal of unwanted attention and is pursued by law enforcement and becomes embroiled in a deadly corporate cover-up. Rural life clashes with high technology as the main character seeks to clear his name and deliver justice.

When asked how the story line and location was chosen Christian explained, “We wanted to make a film about what we know. Both (director) Madeline and I come from small towns; I grew up in the south with a southern way of living and Madeline grew up in a ranching family in New Mexico.” He noted that they understood the mindset of small communities, and “what the city does when it comes into a rural area”. Dubois was selected as a location to shoot the film due to the diversity and beauty of the landscape as well as its feel of being an “old western town”. Christian said the team would like to include the town and its residents as much as possible, saying “the people in Dubois are important to the process and the film itself”.

Filming is anticipated to take place from May through June of 2014 with a crew of approximately 30 people. Completion is aimed for September 2014 and a premier in 2015.

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