Protect your identity and business with Hammer Shredding Service!

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Since 2010, Mike and Melissa Hammer have been providing Fremont County with a service that was previously only available in larger metropolitan areas!

Hammer Shredding service is an onsite document destruction service that will come to your business, office or home, and shred your sensitive and confidential documents along with any other paper products that you wish to discard at your location!

Documents such as payroll reports, sales reports, credit information, pre-approved credit card offers, tax returns, canceled checks, and any other document that identity thieves would love to get ahold of. You don’t even have to clean the documents! Leave the staples and paper clips on your document! Even file folders with metal fasteners and hardback books can be shredded! 

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  • You can witness the shredding process via the on board video screen for complete satisfaction that your documents are in fact destroyed.
  • All type of paper products are allowed, including hard-back books!
  • All shredded material is recycled locally; Community Entry Services in Riverton receives the revenue from the paper bales.
  • We are a family owned business based in Riverton and an active member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID)
  • We are fully HIPPA and HITECH/REDFLAG compliant and will provide a Certificate of Destruction upon request.
  • For our on call or scheduled service we offer free of charge, secure, locked 65 gallon bins that hold approx. 8 standard banker boxes of documents (up to 250 Lbs. of paper).
    We also offer lockable 32 gallon bins that can hold approx. 4 standard banker boxes of documents (up to 125 Lbs. of paper).
    And our newest product – a prepaid recycle bag that will hold approx. 1 standard banker box of documents for smaller shred jobs. Just fill at your leisure & drop off at one of our convenient drop off locations in the Lander / Riverton area.
  • Prices for our service start at only $20.00.

Hammer Shredding Service offers the best solution of properly and lawfully disposing of confidential and sensitive information with out the nagging questions of:

When will the documents be shredded?
Who will be handling you records during the process?
With Hammer Shredding Service, you get to see it all happen before your eyes! 

If you have any questions or wish to schedule a demonstration, please feel free to contact us at 307-856-6560 e-mail, or follow us on Facebook.

(Shred Truck photo with Mike, Melissa, Miranda & Jason Hammer)

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