Water Loading Station now under construction in Pavillion; Cistern installation expected after February

Forms were built and the site of Pavillion’s new water loading station was prepped for concrete on Tuesday morning. (Ernie Over photo) 

(Pavillion, Wyo.) – A water loading station for residents east of Pavillion is now under construction in the Town of Pavillion. Contractor Viper Underground had the site adjacent to Pavillion’s town water tank prepared for concrete on Tuesday. The water loading station is being funded by the Wyoming Water Development Commission for residents who have contaminated water wells and who will have cisterns installed for domestic water use.

A worker compacts soil prior to delivery of concrete at the water loading station. (EO)

A worker compacts soil prior at the water loading station site. (EO)

At a meeting of the Pavillion Working Group on Tuesday, WWDC’s Project Manager Keigh Clarey reported that 17 residents living in the East Pavillion Natural Gas Field have signed up for a total of 19 cisterns in Phase I of the program. He said just over $630,000 had been committed to the project. He said in Phase 2, some eight additional landowners had expressed interest in having a cistern, but he said funding may not be available for all of those requests unless additional funds are released by the legislature.

Clarey also reported that the cisterns themselves have now been ordered and each system would contain two-2,000 gallon tanks set end to end for a total of 4,000 gallons. He said the cisterns would be arriving in time for installation beginning in February.

“We’ll proceed as the weather allows,” said Jim Gores of Riverton, the consulting engineer who is designing each of the cistern systems at each affected residence. Viper Underground will be installing the systems. “We’re designing each system to have the most minimal surface disruption possible,” he said.

“We are still taking names for people who are interested in having a cistern in the 23-square mile area of concern,” Clarey said.

In November, the town of Pavillion established a water rate of $38.75 per 4,000 gallons for residents who want to haul their own water. The town, however, tabled a proposal to deliver water to the cisterns until private potable water haulers had a chance to evaluate the opportunity. According to a status update dates Novermber 19th and made available at Tuesday’s meeting, “if no private contractor is available or delivery costs are unreasonable, the Town of Pavillion will consider this matter further.”