Behind the Badge: Visions from another world

By David Hyde, Lander Police Officer

If I haven’t mentioned it in the past, County10 readers should be aware it is not uncommon for law enforcement to deal with folks who, shall we say, live in a slightly different world.

In doubt? Read this one.

By the way, I am sure you remember one of the recent articles where I mentioned a certain dispatcher (Jenny) and how she handled a caller in the now infamous Longmire episode (got a ton of comments on that one). Apparently Jenny has not coached her dispatch partner (let’s just call her Dispatcher “L”) in the fine art of handling the “ya gotta be kidding me” calls.

Just the other day I was requested to call a guy who was in Ohio (a land so far away the sun rises between us and them). It seemed this guy had information about two assaults that occurred in Lander; he even had the names of the victims and the suspect.

Wow. That’s really good information; it’s not too often we get the bad guy handed to us on a platter.

So, I called the Ohio guy and immediately got the feeling this was not going to end well, as he slurred his speech so badly (clue #1) I had to ask him to spell his name, just to be sure I got it right.

Anyway, what I learned was this:

Our guy stated he was a police psychic (clue #2) and worked with police departments all over the country. Our guy then proceeded to tell me he recently had visions (could that be clue #3?) of a guy who had committed three or four assaults, and at least two of them occurred in Lander, Wyoming. Digging into the matter a little further, I learned our guy looked at Google Maps online and through Google Maps he received visions of where the assaults occurred, and, the names of the victims as well as the suspect.

I wasn’t aware Google Maps provided people’s names to go along with their map features.

Hmmmm, yeah…that’s real credible information…psychic visions you got from Google Maps!

So, not too long a story short, I told the guy when he had some credible information to call Police, until then…not.

Oh yeah, out of curiosity (and just to be thorough) I called the Xenia, Ohio, Police Department and inquired about our caller. F.Y.I. just in case you ever have the chance to talk to them, those are some nice folks over there at the Xenia Police Department, down to earth and helpful, and quite up to speed about our/their psychic; I also sensed a rather dry sense of humor.

Seems the Xenia Police also heard from this fellow occasionally about crimes, but they have yet to substantiate any of his “visions” either. I believe the Ohio response, in part anyway, was “yeah…ummm…sure…you bet…we know him” (read between those lines)!