Trustees told Rendezvous School remodeling can be accomplished without adding modulars

By Ernie Over, managing editor,

(Riverton, Wyo.) – There is good news for the students and staff who will be attending and working at Rendezvous Elementary School in Riverton for the 2013-14 school year. Thanks to staff members who are planning the remodeling design at the building to accommodate three additional classrooms, the modifications can be accomplished without the need for modular classrooms.

“Our people worked real hard to become a real team,” said Rendezvous’ Cheryl Esposito at Tuesday night’s Fremont County School District #25 Trustees meeting. “We tried really hard,” to make the reconfiguration of the building work without modulars. “We want to make sure everyone, students and staff, feels welcome.”

A remodeling of the front entrance of Rendezvous School will add 600 square feet to enhance security features of the building. (Ernie Over photo)
A remodeling of the front entrance of Rendezvous School will add 600 square feet to enhance security features of the building. (Ernie Over photo)

Superintendent Terry Snyder said the district’s original plan was one that would’ve added modular buildings at the site.  “But we wanted everyone there to be together to feel part of the building,” he said. “When you’re in a modular, you don’t feel like part of the school. I’m pleased that some staff were willing to move to a smaller space. We’ll see what next year brings.”

Trustees were presented with maps of the redesign in the building. To accommodate the additional classrooms, band and music storage is to be relocated to an alcove in the school’s gymnasium and the previous storage area would become space for the social workers offices. A redesign of the main entrance to the school, on the east side, will add some 600 square feet for a secured entrance and space for the school’s office and school nurse. That space was previously a classroom.  The Title I room will be split into two classrooms, and the former office will become a classroom.

There will be 12 third grade classes and nine fourth grade classes at the school this fall. “We’re still cramped for space as the numbers keep growing from the lower gradesk” Esposito said.

Trustee Chairman Mark Stone asked Esposito to let the Rendezvous staff “know how appreciative we are of their efforts.” Dean Peranteaux also noted that modulars would create a security concern and he said he was happy that they are no longer in the mix.

The cost for the remodeling hasn’t  yet been determined, awaiting final design from the architects. Snyder said he thought some of the cost could come from major maintenance from the state, with additional monies from the School Facilities Department. He said the final design for the building would be discussed at a meeting with the state architects at a meeting later this month.



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