Riverton council to decide on liquor licenses, chickens, North Federal amenities and goals on Tuesday night

Riverton City Seal-full color  hi resBy Ernie Over, managing editor, county10.com

(Riverton, Wyo.) – The Riverton City Council Tuesday night has a full agenda, including the annual review and approval of the city’s liquor licenses, the third reading of an ordinance allowing chickens in the city limits and the council’s selection of preferred amenities for the North Federal Boulevard reconstruction project. The meeting includes an executive session at 6:30 p.m. with the regular meeting to commence immediately afterwards.

Liquor licenses

City Administrator Steven Weaver said the city received 32 renewal applications, including 22 retail liquor licenses, four club licenses and six restaurant licenses.

One present restaurant liquor license holder, the El Agave Restaurant on North Federal, did not submit a renewal application, Weaver said. In a memo to the mayor and city council, Weaver said “they are going to be closing the business within a few short months in their current location with a plan to move to a different location.” Weaver said restaurant liquor licenses cannot be transferred to a new location, “therefore upon desiring a new liquor license, the El Agave Restaurant owners will reapply for a new restaurant liquor license if they so choose.”


Up for third reading and final approval is Ordinance #13-002, that amends the city’s Title 6 code pertaining to Livestock and Fowl running at large. The amended ordinance will allow the keeping of certain animals, including chickens, with certain restrictions. The ordinance also updates definitions of “animals” to include domestic dogs and cats. The ordinance would allow up to 12 chickens at a residence in the city, excluding roosters. Each chicken must have nine square feet of space and the chicken pens must be set back 15 feet from the property line unless a neighbor agrees in writing.

So far, at the work sessions and previous two readings, this ordinance has not generated much public comment.

North Federal Ammenities

After a public hearing two weeks ago and a work session last week, the council is set to determine what amenities could be added to the North Federal Boulevard highway reconstruction project. The council will decide what kind of lights, sidewalks, landscaping and other amenities would be sought for the project. More importantly, the council will decide where the amenities, if any, would be placed. Be it immediately adjacent to City Park, up to Pershing or Sunset streets, or the entire length of the project to Burger King.

A mid-year budget amendment to bring the city’s budget into accordance with statutory requirements is also slated for action to account for unanticipated revenues and/or expenditures that occurred during the first six months of the fiscal year.

Council’s 2013 goals

Another action item will be to act on Resolution #1270 to approve the city council’s goals for the next calendar year. The goals were discussed during a council retreat in Janaury, and have now been refined into five main areas. They are:

1. Targeting Public Intoxication

2. Two-Way communications and Public Relations

3. Public Facilities improvements, including the city’s parks

4. Fiscal Responsibiity, continuing a goal from last year


5. Economic Growth Opportunities.