2013 Supplemental Budget bill now available for public review on Wyoming Legislative website

Legislature logo - LSO(Cheyenne, Wyo.) – The Wyoming Legislature’s $146.7 million supplemental budget bill is now available for the public to review on the Wyoming Legislature’s Website at www.wyoleg.gov. To view House Bill 1 and identical Senate File 1, click on the “2013 Bill Tracking Information” link located on the homepage. From there, click on the “Bills” link.

The bill, approved on Jan. 29 by the Joint Appropriations Committee (JAC), includes $76.8 million in new General Fund (GF) spending, $10.1 million in federal funds, $4.5 million from the School Capital Construction Account, and $55.3 million in other funds.

In addition, the bill recommends a $62.1 million reduction in General Fund spending.

Using the General Fund increase and a portion of the funding derived from the budget reductions, JAC recommended the following one-time appropriations: UW College of Engineering construction account ($55 million); fire suppression ($31.2 million); direct distribution to cities, towns, and counties ($20 million); transfer to the landfill remediation account ($15 million); and Medicaid mandatory expansion ($6.67 million) as required by the Affordable Care Act.

The House and Senate are tentatively scheduled to begin debate on HB0001 and identical SF0001 – General Government Appropriations, commonly known as the “Budget Bill” on Monday and Tuesday, when each body will receive identical “mirror” copies of the bill to debate. Second reading of the bill is expected on Feb. 6, followed by third reading on Feb. 8.

The Legislature adopted the current $3 billion General Fund budget during the Budget Session in March of last year. That budget took effect in July 2012 and runs through June 30, 2014. State agencies have the option of submitting supplemental budget requests during a General Session for consideration by the Governor, who then makes recommendations to the JAC for the year’s supplemental budget. In addition, the Legislature and Governor asked state agencies to submit proposed budget reductions last year.

The 2013 General Session tentatively continues through Feb. 28 and will reach crossover Feb. 6, which signifies the last day for third reading on bills in their house of origin.

–Legislative Service Office