Police Blotter: Arrests; DWUI arrest followed Lander crash; Gun taken from truck; Overdose victim to hospital

(Lander, Wyo.) – Today’s law enforcement round-up from across Fremont County.

A Lander woman, 24-year-old Katie Large, was arrested for DWUI after crashing her SUV into a concrete structure at 8th and Main while driving in the wrong direction on Main Street. (Ernie Over photo)

A Lander woman, 24-year-old Katie Large, was arrested for DWUI after crashing her SUV into a concrete structure at 8th and Main while driving in the wrong direction on Main Street. (Ernie Over photo)

Lander Police Department


Katie Large, 24, Lander, arrested for Driving While Under the Influence. At 6:16 p.m., the 911 Emergency Dispatch Center at the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department began receiving numerous calls of a westbound vehicle heading the wrong way down Lander’s Main Street in the eastbound lanes. The vehicle eventually crashed into a concrete structure at the SW corner of 8th and Main. Large was transported to Lander Regional Hospital and then arrested for DWUI.

Chasten Moon, 22, Riverton, arrested for Shoplifting and Assault. A Lander police dispatch log indicated that Moon was allegedly caught shoplifting inside the Safeway Store on West Main Street. The woman was not being cooperative and was being restrained by several individuals. The struggle left the store and entered the parking lot.


A guest at the Holiday Inn Express reported that someone had taken an iPad from a room sometime during the day on Friday. It was unknown why the reporting party waited three days to file the complaint.

Someone is always watching. Youthful drivers identified as high school students were observed tossing trash out of their vehicle into a parking lot at 12:23 p.m. Monday. Police were given the license plate information on the suspect vehicle.

A shoplifting incident was reported at Mr. D’s Liquor Store at 12:43 p.m. Monday where a male subject allegedly placed a whiskey bottle down his pants and then walked out of the store.

A Springfield .45 caliber gun was reportedly taken from a vehicle parked along Wood Street in Lander on Monday. The theft was reported at 1:03 p.m.


Riverton Police Department


William Hamilton, 40, Riverton, arrested for Public Intoxication

Ian Pine, 29, Arapahoe, arrested for Public Intoxication

Jerald Friday, 50, Riverton, arrested for Public Intoxication

David Moss, 24, Riverton, arrested for Contempt of Court

Clowry Means, 46, Riverton, arrested on a Failure to Appear warrant


The RPD responded to 47 calls for service in the period between Midnight Sunday and 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Riverton Police were called to a motel in the 200 block of South Federal Boulevard at 8:04 Monday morning when motel personnel discovered that a male subject had broken into a room and went to sleep in a bed there without paying. The subject, who was not identified, was removed from the room.

A non-reportable vehicle crash, with damage under $500, was reported at 11:39 Monday at the intersection of North Federal and East Main where one vehicle struck the another at slow speed from behind. There were no injuries. The parties exchanged insurance information.

A resident in the 900 block of East Jackson was contacted for a code violation involving the unlawful burning of trash.

Police and a Fremont County Emergency Medical Services ambulance responded at 3:41 p.m. to the alley immediately east of North Federal Boulevard in the 800 block for a 25-year-old male subject who was having difficulty walking from an apparent overdose of pills and alcohol. The subject was transported to Riverton Memorial Hospital.

Police assisted the Riverton Fire Department for a power pole fire in the 300 block of Mary Drive at 5:14 p.m. Monday. Pacific Power was contacted.

When the 911 Emergency Dispatch Center at the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department is busy, the calls roll-over, or are forwarded, the RPD’s dispatch center. That’s exactly what happened Monday night at 6:16 p.m. when a vehicle driving the wrong way down Lander’s Main Street crashed at 8th and Main. Numerous calls were made to 911 about the crash, and the overflow calls were routed to Riverton. Details of the crash in the Lander Police report above.

The Fremont County Alcohol Crisis Center had no room at the inn for inebriated males Monday night, and turned away an intoxicated man found wandering in the 500 block of North Federal. Police gave the man a ride to a private residence.

Fremont County Sheriff’s Department


Victor Addison, 23, Arapahoe, arrested on a Probation Revocation warrant.

The Fremont County Detention Center currently has 156 inmates it is responsible for. Of these, 142 are being held in the Fremont County Detention Center, nine inmates are in substance abuse treatment programs throughout the state and out of the facility, two are on home detention out of the facility, and three inmates are being housed out of the facility.


The Fremont County Sheriffs Office reports that over the past 24 hours the Fremont County Emergency Dispatch Center took 40 calls for service. During that same time period, the county’s ambulances were dispatched 17 times and the county’s fire departments were dispatched twice, once on a power pole fire in Riverton and once on a routine business fire inspection in Lander.

Deputies were called at 5:08 p.m. to the area of Alaska Road and Paradise Valley Road north of Riverton for a white vehicle that was reported to be “racing up and down the road.” The reporting party was concerned the speeding vehicle might hit children coming home on school buses. Deputies were unable to locate the vehicle, which was last seen heading southbound toward Highway 789 on the Paradise Valley Road.