Two women charged with financial crimes in Lander’s Ninth District Court

By Joshua Scheer, reporter,

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – Two Fremont County women are facing charges in the Ninth District Court regarding crimes that involve money.

Reva Jo Breckon, about 56 years old, is being charged with three counts of Larceny by Bailee in connection with bank deposits from Traveling Computers Inc. not making it to the bank. It is alleged that Breckon took more than $7,000 from the Riverton business. All three charges are felonies, each punishable by up to 10 years in prison and/or $10,000 in fines.

According to an affidavit written by Riverton Police Det. Sgt. Julie Mathews, RPD was notified about the missing nightly deposits on Jan. 4. Traveling Computers CEO Dean Peranteaux allegedly told police that  Reva Breckon was responsible for depositing cash every night to Bank of the West. Peranteaux told police that deposits were not made on Dec. 31, 2013, Jan. 2 and Jan. 3.

The affidavit states when police attempted to contact Breckon, they could hear someone inside but no one answered the door of the home.

“Officers observed someone look through the blinds on a couple occasions, but that person did not open the door,” states the affidavit. “After approximately 30 minutes, the door was opened by a female who identified herself as Reva Breckon.”

The affidavit alleges that initially Breckon “indicated that she did not know why the deposits were not showing up on the bank records.” When asked where the deposits were, Breckon allegedly confessed to police and said she had spent the money.

In a later interview, Breckon allegedly told Mathews that she was unable to pay bills and rent.

“Reva Breckon thought that if she took the deposits to the casino and won big, she could put the money back in the deposit and all would be fine,” states the affidavit. “Reva Breckon indicated this did not happen and it became one night after the next trying to win the money to pay the deposits and not lose her job.”

The total deposit amounts were determined to be $7,108.48.

Breckon’s bond is set at $10,000 cash or $50,000 surety. Her arraignment in district court is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. on Feb. 14.

Check fraud:

A roughly 68-year-old Dubois woman has been charged with two counts of Fraud by Check. Edith Martin faces the felonies, each of which are punishable by up to 10 years in prison and/or $10,000 in fines.

According to an affidavit filed in the case, Martin allegedly wrote two checks to George Boswell totaling $95,586 for several paving jobs done in September 2012. The affidavit states that Martin post dated the checks and told Boswell the money would be in her account at that time. She allegedly later postponed payment for another month. On the agreed upon date, Boswell attempted to cash the checks but they weren’t payable due to insufficient funds.

“Sergeant Shane Brazil also learned that the checks originally came back ‘Insufficient Funds,’ but when Edith Martin was contacted about the problem, she stopped payment on the checks,” states the affidavit.

Martin allegedly told Brazil that she knew the checks didn’t clear, and that Boswell knew payment was dependent on an insurance settlement.

A plea agreement has been filed in the case. Per the agreement, Martin will plead guilty to the first charge and pay restitution totaling the owed amount. The second charge will be dropped, and upon successful payment of restitution the Check by Fraud charge will be downgraded to a misdemeanor Larceny charge. That charge will be punishable by up to six months in prison and/or $750 in fines.

Per the agreement, restitution must be paid by Jan. 18, 2014. If it is not, Martin will be sentenced to 30 to 45 months in prison.

A date for the change of plea has not yet been set. Bond is set at $25,000 unsecured.