Sheriff says last year’s expenses dropped as calls increased; Looking to expand staff by two positions

Fremont County Sheriff Skip Hornecker.

Fremont County Sheriff Skip Hornecker.

(Riverton, Wyo.) – In a follow-up to a story first reported on, Fremont County sheriff Skip Hornecker said there were no stand-out issues that his department dealt with last year, but he’s still trying to find the balance between being proactive and reactive. The Sheriff made the comments to our news partner KVOW/KTAK on it’s Chit Chat morning show this week.

Hornecker said that he’d still like to add two positions to his total staff  to the 108 already approved by the Fremont County Commission. One position would be for a person to take care of the county’s animal control problems and the other would deal with VIN checks (vehicle identification numbers), because those are the two most frequent calls for service.

The sheriff said he still runs his department with the help of his two captains, David Good in Lander and Ryan Lee in Riverton. Hornecker, however, said his department has the added pressure of serving the municipality of Shoshoni, right now, because Shoshoni is still in the process of reestablishing its police department.

There was a bright side this year, he said, and that came in the drop in expenses to pay for housing prisoners out of the county. They haven’t needed to do that since the juvenile center in the county jail was shut down. So that brought his near $8 million budget down a somewhat.

And Hornecker said he remains very proud of the work he and his staff are doing and is particularly proud of two of his officers, Deputies Paul Davis and Brady Patrick, who were both given Wyoming Peace Officer awards this year for outstanding service.

Listen to the Sheriff’s comment by clicking here.

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