Selling? Buying? ’10 Trades’ is Here and Free!

(Fremont County, Wyo) – County 10 added 10 Trades this week and within 24 hours amassed over 500 interested participants. 10 Trades is a vetted Facebook group designed for peer-to-peer posting of wanted items, items for sale and trade, and garage sale location listings.

“10 Trades falls right in line with our mission to provide our community an all-encompassing information portal”, said County 10 Publisher, Jason Kintzler. “It’s real-time buying, selling and trading and most importantly, it’s free. There are no transaction fees. We get asked why we’d choose to host it on a social platform such as Facebook? The quick answer is that it’s efficient, and user profiles already exist there to give participants higher confidence in who they’re dealing with. Our next step will be to stream the feed into, so that all readers can view the transactions.”

The user experience is designed to be clean and focused around buying, selling and trading. For that reason, there are content posting guidelines that users will be required to follow to keep their membership status active, as follows:

  • Corporate postings (e.g., job listings, marketing, events) are prohibited;
  • Postings cannot include profanity, slander, abuse, or are otherwise deemed socially inappropriate;
  • Posts cannot be for illegal or restricted products;
  • Posts that do not relate to buying, selling or trading of items are prohibited;
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